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ThunderThighs wrote:WAIT! There were seeds too! Did they get lost? I handed it off for mailing.

And you're welcome. It was fun.

oh my gorp! the bags of highly non-flammable texas air were hiding the seeds!

Wife: Do you really need all this junk?
Me: At least I don't ask you if it makes me look fat.


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carl669 wrote:oh my gorp! the bags of highly non-flammable texas air were hiding the seeds!

Oh good! Turns out buttercup seeds aren't popular in Texas. So you got a custom-made set of faux buttercup seeds.

Enjoy and

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carl669 wrote:so, on 4/30, i wrote the above. on 5/4, i got my bag:

1 size 11.5 golf shoes
1 size 11 fila skele toes
1 medium fila shirt
1 stationary set (4 pens + notepad)
1 pair of metal earbuds
1 iphone wrap thing
1 roll, 7th generation toilet paper
1 flower tote bag
1 mr rootbeer kit

pretty awesome haul as far as i'm concerned.

on 5/8, there was a woot box waiting for me. i thought, "i don't remember ordering anything". then i just figured i forgot (it's happened before).

so, i open the box and find the following:

1 Poo pen (conveniently packaged in a doggy doodoo bag)

1 pair of revolving lights, quality tested by ThunderThighs

and the ultimate of ultimateness:

1 framed letter 'C' signed by ThunderThighs!!!!!!!!!!!!

ThunderThighs and all the other woot employees, you all rock more than i can describe with common words. thank you!!!

this. is. amazing.


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kfujita wrote:this. is. amazing.

I agree! Thanks TT for continuing to make Woot! a fun place to be.


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carl669 wrote:oh my gorp! the bags of highly non-flammable texas air were hiding the seeds!

Sweet! Congrats carl669. I never get anything special. I guess my colored posts and snappy comments only earn mod deletions from TT. I haven't dialed in to the exact line on the Woot! sarcasm meter and I'm sure she has a special watch list that I'm on.

I'm kidding, TT. I'm sure you dote on me like a loving forum mother, who just happens to have to backhand me with mod love every once in a while.


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I am extremely sad. My Besser or Curly arrived with only 1 item in it. I put in a support ticket last Tuesday and have yet to hear back... Any ideas?

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I thought for sure we'd see follow-up posts from joshobra or raebee. Looks like this thread is all but dead, though.

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Yeah I still check it daily. addicted.