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Eton NOAA and S.A.M.E. Weather Radio

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Refurbished? Does this mean that it washed ashore from Sandy?


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Gave up on weather radio - too many family disputes leading to Amber Alerts in this area.


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So, to reacap - not solar, no hand-crank, no flashlight, no siren, doesn't charge phones and - the AM reception is crappy. And refurbished. I can't imagine how this could be more disappointing. C'mon Woot - you're Amazon now - cough up an Ambient, why don't you? Now that's a radio.


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I'd be a lot more interested in the smaller items in this woot-off with $5 all-day shipping. Just sayin'. Bad move, woot.


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Y'all forgettin' sumthin'.

Woot-off is not to sell us what we want... but rather to get rid of what Woot/Amazon doesn't want. ;-)


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It's really rare that I feel like I got a bad deal from Woot, but this is one of those times. The mothership is selling it new for $6 more.