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Envizen Digital Home Roam TV

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4 years ago
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I bought one last time it was up and it works great!!!


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Wow best thing ever...for the bathroom!!!! (get it? i made a crap joke!) Never wait for commercials during a sporting event again!


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Built-in battery for 2 hours usage. Really, Woot?


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Hmm seems pretty cool,
would definetely need to know more about them before buying though, ive never even heard of this


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I bought one of these on March 26, I must say this is a Really Convenient Way of Being Able to see your TV/Cable Satellite or Any Audio/Video device when you are Moving around the House.
Yu can Also Hook the Small 7''Monitor to a Bigger TV in Order to See the a larger Picture and Sound.
It was In Excellent Condition (not a Scratch, Only thing one of the Antenna has a Crack chipped off the Plastic. But this was no problem, A Bit of Tape Fixed it.
SellS for $139.71 on Amazon
Well Worth the Money here for $80


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I don't really understand the appeal of this thing. Is it really too much trouble to go into the room that the tv is actually in?!

OK - maybe I can see it if you want to take it outside, by the pool / hot tub, etc. But don't know if the range could handle that.


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This was a great idea a few years ago but many devices today no longer have A/V (RCA) output. My Samsung Blu-ray player, for example, only has HDMI output. Also, you can do what this does with a computer or tablet streaming through your network. Finally, Time Warner (and many other TV providers) subscribers can stream its contents directly onto a tablet. I'd buy this for about $39 but $79 is too much.


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$79.99 with free shipping for same refurbished model from reputable ebay seller