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Universal Essentials Kit for 7" Tablets

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Ugh - the second tablet condom in 3 hours.


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Lollypop Guild - you can get the same basic things on ebay for less and in cooler colors. Plus you probably have ear buds you'll like better


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jmackinac wrote:Ugh - the second tablet condom in 3 hours.

Kinda fuzzy for a condom.

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ugh...waiting for that damn kindle to pass just to wait at a damn kindle accessory. Lollypop Guild


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I get to be the voice of dissent? Sweet.
This is a perfect accessory for your tablet when the Summer mornings have turned crisp, the smell of woodsmoke is in the air, and gold and scarlet nymphs shake the leaves from their hair. Tuck your tablet in this cozy sweater when the streets are wet and grey. Whether you use it to clean grime off your ice skate blades, keep your foggy windshield clear, or add flair to the Thanksgiving dinner table by using it as a trivet, the versatility and style of this slipcover is superlative.

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