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Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

The only thing that would make these Turtle Beach headsets better would be if you could use them to play a real video game called "Turtle Beach." We can imagine it now: an RPS game in which you must navigate your newly-hatched turtles to the ocean before they are snapped up by seagulls. IT'S GOLD. 
Turtle Beach official site


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I bought one of the Ear Force Delta respiffified headsets a few weeks ago. I got a $14 pluggable USB Bluetooth 4 adapter from woot's parent...

I don't play games, I wanted a bt headset for WebEx/GoTo web meetings. Paired w/o problem w/ my computer (and Android phone.) Sound levels are good, quality of sound is good.

Had a little problem w/ editing the sound configurations to get rid of mic monitor, but once I figured out the save procedure, np.

Run fine on the ray-o-vac rechargeable AA batteries I feed it.

Cons * I wish I could chg the time b4 it powers down. Stays on as long as there is incoming signal, but if idle for a bit it powers down.
* It is not as fast as other BT devices to power up and connect, so it can be frustrating when you're trying to pick up an incoming call.
* It does not have good, or as good as it could be, passive noise isolation. I was hoping for more noise canceling - I run 3 workstations, a big UPS w/ a fan... too much noise still comes thru. I've wrapped the ear pads to try to reduce the incoming noise.

All in all, they have better BT call quality than the Sony DR-BT50 which has excellent audio streaming but lousy call quality. They are louder and more noise isolating than the Nokia BH-503 which are on ear.


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I own the X-41 and it's pretty awesome sounding. Only downside is it's a battery hog, drains them in a couple days of regular use. Not really a big problem if you have 2 sets of rechargeables on rotation. They do pump in white noise as well, but that's not that big of a deal to me.


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Just bought the X41s for 69.99 refurb on Amazon... there was 2 left in stock when I checked out (not to mention two-day shipping with Prime).

Best Woot to date -- Audiovox BU-1 Vehicle Security Back Up Alarm


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No military shipping? Thanks for nothing.


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Dealfisher.com has the x31's new for 36 with no shipping. Just got mine there the other day.


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The PX3. Does the microphone swivel up out of the way when not it use? Does it turn off when you do that?


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sr885bk wrote:No military shipping? Thanks for nothing.

I'm sorry. These are likely drop shipped directly from the vendor and many of our vendors use FedEx. FedEx won't deliver to PO Boxes and that excludes military as well.

We mean no offense.

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