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Bric's Luggage

'Bout time one of these luggage companies made some bags for me to carry my bricks. I have a simple job: every day I carry bricks to, and I carry bricks fro. It gets tiring carrying a bundle of bricks in my arms, but this Bric's luggage sure helps me out, so I imagine it'll help you carry your clothes too, or if you want to carry bricks, bricks.

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Bought a Bric's case in Italy. Has been the only suitcase I've ever had that has held up well. Samsonite can't hold a candle to Bric's.



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Some better deals on the Pronto bags, depending on color, at Woot's mothership (Amazon) with free Prime shipping and free returns.

The 20" Pronto, in forest, is $89. Other colors, black and brown are $178 at Amazon. Khaki is $120 at woot.

The 25" Pronto, in brown, is $120. Other colors, black and forest, are $230 at Amazon. Khaki is $150 at woot.

The 30" Pronto, in forest, is $165. The other colors, black and brown, are $255 at Amazon. Khaki is $200 at woot.

The Pininfarina line looks to be about $100 cheaper here than Amazon.


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does anyone know whether the handles on pronto-22-duffle-khaki are made of leather?
basically, will those handles last, or will i end up having to carry the bag exclusively using its shoulder strap? thanks


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Are these made in Italy?