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Sunglasses and Watches for Summer

We've got all the apparel you need this summer...if you are a punctual, light-sensitive nudist. Sure, you might develop some funky tan lines on your wrist and face, but those are the only ones on your whole body, so it could be worse. Oh my gosh, look at the time -- I'm late for badminton au natural


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Bought the Versa Asphalt sunglasses last month, and I have to say, they are very, very nice. The cushions sit higher on the nose than any sunglasses I've ever owned, but I suppose that's probably just the style. And it might be a Native Eyewear signature thing, not sure, it's my first pair. You do have to keep them pushed up pretty high in order to keep the sun from peeking through the top, but in general they cover nearly my entire field of vision. Came with a cleaning cloth/soft pouch, a pretty nice hard case, and an extra set of lenses (the SportFlex non-polarized). At least $30 cheaper than anywhere else I've seen them, so if you were interested last time but missed out, I'd go for it.


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Bought the Native Versa last month. Although these are very nice sunglasses - take note in the product description that they fit best on a "large profile". When I wear these glasses I am almost looking over the lenses - they ride so low on the bridge of my nose. So, $39 for some really nice sunglasses that don't fit me - I've made worse purchases - enough said.


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The peppers for $15 + $5 S/H is barely a deal, bought a polarized Pepper's pair from groupon today for $16 including S/H