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Philip Stein Watches

Just as the Greek God Chronos and his consort Ananke encircled the pre-formed Earth Egg, so shall these Philip Stein watches encircle your wrist. You, a mortal human, shall wield the impossible power of Time, Fate, and Inevitability with this trinket. So don't leave it in a hotel room.  
Philip Stein official site


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Just the thing for that two-timin' woman of yours!


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Best watches ever! Excellent price.


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These watches are made in China, only the movement is Swiss quartz.
Philip Stein Prestige collection (that not in this sale) made in Switzerland.

Swiss made watches bear "Swiss Made" sign on a dial and often on the back of a watch. Some super expensive Swiss watches don't have the sign but Philip Stain certainly not this case.

EDIT: I don't even sure these have Swiss quartz movements... People on watch forums opened some PS watches and said there are Japanese and even Chinese made plastic movements inside.