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Poll: If I could travel back in time twenty years, I’d tell myself…
  • 56.4% - …to invest. 1078
  • 17.5% - …to change careers. 335
  • 8.1% - …to spend more time with my family. 155
  • 3.3% - …to spend less time with my family. 64
  • 5.8% - …to not spend so much time amassing Pepsi Points. 111
  • 8.9% - …to do something else and talk about it in the comments. 170
1913 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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That things won't get better and to get a divorce ASAP.


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I'd prep myself to leave the country.


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I'd tell my 12 yr old self to not eff up in school being lazy, then go to college for computers instead of waiting 20 years and wasting thousands of dollars and then finally figuring out that's what you (I) want to do.


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Don't do it. Have movies taught you nothing.


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... to transfer to a real university drop CS and get back to an engineering I'd like. Oh, and to go with my gut instinct and drop the lazy bum of a boyfriend asap.


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Finish high school.


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establish woot.


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Don't even begin to consider marriage until at least the age of 30.


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To "Stop being a big baby!"

Because I was 2.


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frugglez wrote:To "Stop being a big baby!"

Because I was 2.

high five!


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...to go to graduate school and not marry that nincompoop.


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jinsenchen wrote:establish woot.

Can I help?


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During my Junior year of College Ford shares were at $0.75/share. Had I had any money I could be sitting back and ready to retire at 27. Yesterday's closing price for Ford was $14.67. That is 1,956% in 5 years. If I had invested $1,000 then I would have had $1,956,000 today, and that does not include the dividends I would have received on those shares. Although the capital gains rate of 30% would have taken a nice chunk of my earnings, but REALLY?!?!? Who Cares. TAKE MY $$$.



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I would warn Cheney that a young woman would be his demise and he should swear off all females in government if he is going to have a chance to save this country from Obamapacolypse. It really was the only mistake the man could have made to cancel out his guarantee at a presidency.



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Twenty years ago I was 16. The only message I'd give myself would be to play the winning lottery numbers for that year. Then take half of the winnings and invest in Apple stock. I would not be sitting in an office right now!


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I'd tell myself it's gonna be a wild ride, but just hang and keep enjoying it. That guy you think is so awesome right now? The one you just married? Yeah, well he gets better with age and made an even better father than you could have hoped for. However, since you have this wonderful family to enjoy over the next 20 years or so, please, younger self, take better care of our body. It's breaking down by 45 and now it's ten times as much work to try to get in shape and get healthy.

"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." -- Ernest Hemingway


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Get Contact Lenses...


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Put down the cookies tubby!


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Do NOT get married! I would not be giving away 1/2 my paycheck to my ex... :'(


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I'd have my younger self place some sports bets like in Back to the Future!


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Hi Past Me!
That cute guy next to you in 10th grade Honors Biology? He's gay. Don't waste your time trying. The people that you hang out with right now are losers and you feel like an outcast in high school, but hang in there. You're going to love college.


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1. Hit the gym and see if you can convince that redhead to go out with you.
2. Bet heavily on the Giants to beat the Patriots in SuperBowl XLII. Should get really good odds.


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If nothing too specific is allowed (eg, winning powerball numbers), I'd tell myself to stay out of debt and to not buy a house till I was 40.


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Keep being awesome. I was 9.


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Loose my virginity sooner, and get laid more often.

Come on, none of you were thinking that too?


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I would sit my 8 year old self down and say, "First of all, you can do anything you want if you put in the time and effort. So, don't wait until you're 28 to start doing all the things that you want to do like learning to play guitar. Do it now and be amazing at it when you're 28.

Also, don't trust your friends too much. It's okay to keep hanging out with them for now, but one day they will let you down. When that happens, don't shut down and close yourself off as much as I did. They're not worth it, and they proved that they weren't really your friends anyway. So, learn from it and move on."


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Don't wait to start excercing


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I think we have to classify "to invest" as investing in basic bank funds such as CDs, bonds, etc. We'd all like to invest in a specific company or venture that blew up over the past 20 years. Who wouldn't looking back in retrospect? Heck, we could "invest" at the horse track or in the superbowl outcomes too (Back To The Future anyone?). All of us would be millionaires AND THEN you get the bennies of all the other selections in this poll as well. No need for a career when you're loaded with cash flow. You'll have all the time you want to spend with your family (or not spend with the family haha). And depending on your investments, maybe you could just buy Pepsi Co!

I think one that got left out is "Exercise more".


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Tell myself to avoid ONE person like the plague and setup a future business differently.


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1) Tell myself to invest heavily in the late 90's in Google & Apple

2) Give myself a sports almanac from 2012 (Back to the Future had a good idea there)

3) Give myself the P90X and Insanity workouts and tell myself to quit going to gym since all my gym teachers were gay wannabe drill sergeants who hated team sports.


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Loved those Pepsi points!! We got a duffle bag! Ha!


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I would tell my six-year-old self to not be bitter that my parents didn't advance me a year in school, to teach myself outside of school, and to start in business early.


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I was 1.


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being five, twenty years ago. i'd take more naps


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Don't wait on doing whatever you want to do and have as much fun as possible. Also bang every chick in high school. every. one.


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I'm sorry to say that the best advice (since I did invest regularly and stayed in shape):



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Would have planted a few hardwood trees in the yard so now we'd be getting a lot of shade.

I think my guardian angel drinks.