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Cobra Golf

Cobras are the most serious of all snakes. Golf clubs are the most serious of all clubs. See how alike they are? Just keep in mind that your golf clubs are kept in a bag, not a basket. And you can't train a mongoose to help you pass a water hazard.
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I had the original Baffler. It was more iron-like than wood-like, but it was so versatile. I miss it, and should have never gotten rid of it.

For those that don't know, Cobra is part of the Acushnet corporation that owns Footjoy and Pinnacle, and previously owned Titleist. Titleist was bought by a Korean company, so I'm not sure if their affiliated with Acushnet anymore.

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No four iron like in the other set, but the same price? Are senior shafts more expensive? Just curious; think I'll go for the med flex set w/ 4-pw/sw.


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Cobra 2103LGR4G-P Men's AMP Graphite 4-PW, AW
that for L-hand or R-hand