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Eton Rukus Bluetooth Sound System

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$11 price drop since the Previous Sale

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Warning: Too much awesome to be contained in such a small space


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Excellent little device if you're listening within 15 ft in an enclosed space.

Outside, in the open: Totally useless.


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Got my daughter the version of this model that is solar powered. The sound is really quite exceptional--full of bass, distortion-free, and well- directed. Well-made and sturdy--will hold up nicely for outdoor use, unlike a lot of those flimsy little pod- type speakers. Pairs easily. Definitely one of the best values for this type of product.

Bluetooth means she can enjoy music in the sun while her expensive iPhone sits somewhere cool.


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LOVE THE WOOT OFF THEME!!!!!!!!!!!! (pretty sure this isn't where i need to post this, but LOVE THE WOOT OFF THEME!)


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DANG! I missed it.

Stoopid work.