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Pandigital 12" Digital Picture Frame

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4 years ago
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Bottom 32% of Woot.com Woots
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Woot has sold this a few times! Any info from previous buyers?

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Not the best rated/reviewed on Amazon and Costco.

OVER 550 W00T CARTFULS as of 06/25/14. You're killing us with some wonderful items W000T!

OVER 9 years on W00T shopping and The W00T Forum, since 02/06 with now a whopping 38 Quality Posts L-M-A-O SMH! We do post quality information as do others that isn't recognized. Thanks for the 3 in 1 entire week! We're humbled. 3 additional noticed in 3 months. No more of our positive posts are noticed. Thank you W00T staff. Notice how many full carts get emptied. Thousand of Quality Posts for nonsensical information by some. Fair? SMH again. Glad we don't run our business the way W00T does since their Amazon affiliation.


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800x600 again. Is this Woot-off from 1996?