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Papa Bert's Sippin' Seat in 5 Colors

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What's inside and can I use it like a rubber hot water bottle?


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wow.. if this isn't a woot off killer I don't know what is


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Still too expensive, but would be great for sneaking your favorite beverage into sporting events.


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Ummm, ...ewww, just ewww.


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I would buy this for $7.99 if I already had something in my cart that would share shipping.


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If you're really looking to sneak some booze into an event, I'd suggest you look into Freedom Flask. I got one about a year ago, and though I've only been to one concert since then, it worked perfectly. Holds more than this does too.

I've got no experience with the Booze Bra/Wine Rack, though for the ladies, that looks pretty effective too...