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bsmith1 wrote:5 pairs in how long? Do they fall apart quickly?

No they do not fall apart quickly. In two years I've had three pairs. The first pair lasted about 6-7 months of running 3 miles a day and the only reason i replaced them was because they had insoles which started shifting making them uncomfortable to wear. The shoes didn't wear out. The paid of Bikilas I have right now I've had for over a year and they are still going but are getting close to needing replaced. The toes and front pads are getting a little thin, the heels are still almost new looking. And I have a set of KSOs I bought just for daily wear when I'm not in my flip flops and I actually prefer them over the flip flops, but hate the tan lines on my feet. so wear my flip flops to even out the tan.


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Who has 5 Fingers on their feet? Weird.


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Did they ever have 47s? Sometimes it really sucks having giant feet

FYI: I have a nearly-identical pair of 47s that I've worn down quite a bit; they're *really* comfortable once you get used to the weird feeling of zero-height shoes. If anybody is wondering about sizing, I take a 13 or 13.5 US and these are just the perfect size for me.


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Poop! They ?sold out/don't have? my size (Mens 41)


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Just to reiterate that the Bikila are pretty much running specific.

I've gone from classics to KSO to these (I'm in Nike+ Free Run, now, though).

My only issue is Bikila don't last as long as I hope, eg, the toe tread seems to begin to separate at around 350 - 400 miles, but for this price they don't need to last that long.

I might get some just to have a pair for disc golf.

Yeah. You heard me: DISC GOLF.

What's the point of a signature? Everyone can see who wrote this, over there, to the left.


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Yay! I don't have to make a decision: They've sold out/don't have my size. Unless I want to wear the ladies shoes, that is...


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I can't say these are for everybody. I love them, but I'm barefoot anytime I'm not at work.

That being said, I've owned 4 pairs for the past 2 years, 3 of them being Bikilas. I cycle them out every other run. I've run numerous 5k's and 10k's in them and have loved every minute of them. I'm way over 30 years old and still wear these at amusement parks over any pair of flip flops. Flip flops create blisters at the ball of my foot, so the more secure Vibrams are like a second skin.

I've never worn socks with these and I "sweat like a pig" but I always air dry them after every use. I wash them once a month and haven't had any odor problems.

I wouldn't recommend these on a yoga mat as the grip will tear the mat up.

And definitely ease into these even if you do walk around barefoot all the time. You have to be a mid-foot/ fore-foot striker already to make sure you don't hurt yourself in the Vibrams. Achilles will most likely be sore after the first run. You definitely can't run the same distances out of the box as you would with normal shoes.

These are all about feel, and not about looks. They're definitely not magic shoes that will make you run a 5 minute mile. But the sensation of running barefoot while having protection from rocks, glass, sticks, etc. is something else!


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@ThunderThighs, can you have Cust Service please contact me? Address didn't update on my order.


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seamore2001 wrote:Yay! I don't have to make a decision: They've sold out/don't have my size. Unless I want to wear the ladies shoes, that is...

Nope, looks like ladies' just sold out entirely.


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firstcrack wrote:I wear size 12. Conversion chart gives me size 45/46 European. Foot measures 11 inches which is 43 in Vibram. Help.

European numbers are not vibram numbers. just go off your actual foot measurement.

Quality post? Me??


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leprechaunphil wrote:@ThunderThighs, can you have Cust Service please contact me? Address didn't update on my order.

i'll let them know.
if you haven't already, you may want to email them at Support@Woot.com from your end as well.

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.


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I have two pairs of Vibrams and love them (Entradas and KSOs) Sad I missed out on my size.

I regret making fun of everyone until I put them on myself.


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No way man, I'm not gonna put my toes in some oppressive, corporate designed soul killing, conformist toe positioning ideal of how my toes should roll.

My toes want to run free and wild to feel the dust, the mud, the sweet hot pavement. I'll never submit to what the Man wants my toes to do, to end the day with the space between my toes feeling violated and smelling of cheap Chinese rubber.

No way man.


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bsmith1 wrote:5 pairs in how long? Do they fall apart quickly?

First pair was Komodosport LS at the beginning of Jan 2012. They held up pretty well for wearing them every day that it wasn't raining (I live in Western Washington). I noticed that the sole of the 2nd smallest toe was starting to wear through. They still held up longer than any shoes I had purchased previously (didn't drive at that point in time and walked 40-60 miles that most people would normally drove).

I purchased my second pair (TrekSport) in June of the same year. As of this point in time, the 'grip' portion of the tread on the balls of the feet have worn down. It looks like I strike on the balls of my feet more than flat as one should.

3rd and fourth pairs (TrekSport again & KSO MultiSport) were purchased in Feb of this year off of the REIStore site because they were a great price (one being $35 and the other $65).

5th pair was obviously today (Bikila).


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Damn, wife been wanting a pair, women's all sold out


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I just got my first pair of FiveFingers less than a month ago and I use them every time I run! They're awesome. My sneakers would give me blisters and make my toes really sore. I don't have these problems with these shoes! My calves were super sore after the first week of using them...yay for beasty calf muscles! Definitely go easy when you first use them. Allow your body to adjust and your muscles to strengthen before you run more than 5 miles.


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lunarparcel wrote:At this price, these are a steal, but they're not for everyone. I bought a pair of Vibrams a couple of months ago, and it was probably the best thing I'd ever done for my feet.

I'm personally not a fan of the butt-ugly color design that screams "HEY...LOOK AT ME", and prefer a more modest, subdued color (no matter what shoe design) but if this was a model that would work well for my feet, I'd jump (no pun intended) at this deal, crazy color or not. Compared to retail price, this is going for really cheap.

Here's my situation: I'm overweight, sedentary job, blown disc in lower back and long-term foot injuries. I started walking a few years ago, but after an incident involving a broken toe, I took a break, and broke the momentum.....stopped walking. But even then, I could only walk up to 2 miles at a time, before my feet became sore. Back then I had been wearing rocker soled shoes (had been for years) and found them to give great relief for my back. With a blown disc, I could only stand for short times in regular shoes, but with rocker soled shoes, I found I could stand for hours with not much effort. The benefit in this case is that it conditioned my leg muscles for better acclimation to the Vibrams later on. (I'll get to that shortly.)

After a couple years of not walking regularly for exercise, I finally made the decision in January to get back out there each day, and broken toe pain be damned, I started doing it, and doing it well. Over time I also felt I needed to start moving back into regular soled shoes and away from the rocker sole, and did a gradual transition while strengthening the corresponding muscle groups. I went from 2 miles each day to 4, and then to 6, and started using more legitimate walking shoes to accommodate more fully.

That's when I started running into trouble. The 6 miles each day was helping me feel better all over, and I felt I could go farther, but I quickly found I had hit my limit with the shoes I was using. My back pain had imposed gait problems, that compelled me to grip my toes when walking and I wasn't really paying attention to it. This eventually resulted in horrible swelling and blisters between the toes if I tried to walk as far as 6 miles each day - even if broken up into increments. But I kept doing it, until it got so bad, I had considered removing my shoes entirely and walking barefoot to relieve the swelling. That's when using the Vibrams dawned on me.

I followed the proper sizing chart, but felt I needed to try them in person first, and I also had some recommendations from friends who use them. I went down to a local REI, and tried on the pair I felt would be just right. They felt lousy. Then I tried on one of these featured pairs. Felt no better. I eventually tried the Speed LS, and 2 sizes up from what I was referenced to via the sizing chart. BINGO. Felt wonderful immediately. The attendant noted that I have extra wide feet and a high arch, and that although the bulk of Vibram models tend to favor users with normal feet, or otherwise without foot anomalies, he had noticed that users with feet like mine tended to not fit well in the velcro-based models. The lace-up models (such as what I selected) were a much better fit, seemingly because it allowed for more variation of space accommodation around the wide base and high arch.

I put them on the next day and immediately walked 7 miles. I've never felt better on a walk. It was amazing.

Yes, I read all the advise about being prepared to have your calves hurt like hell after initial wearing. But this seemed to be the same conditioning I experienced with the rocker soled shoes, and I did not have any type of transitional problems along those lines. Although there were other issues. I'll get to those.

They feel almost barefoot, yet keep my toes separated. So, no more monkey-feet gripping and no more chafing and blisters between my toes.

Next problem: Wearing these helped me quickly identify where my gait had been going wrong. A broken toe injury, badly healed foot fractures from my youth, and a bad back gave me an asymmetrical gait that at the end of a day, I could feel was wearing on each foot very differently. Much of my walking is on hard pavement with some rocky area (for which these are pretty unforgiving...you feel EVERYTHING) and I realized I probably need to pay more attention to correcting my gait to develop a better and more stable stride overall. These shoes have been helping me do that.

Then I upped my milage. When I can, and weather permits, I have been able to regularly get up to over 10 miles of walking per day. (warm weather has allowed for pre-dawn and late night outings, and I sleep very little - as evidenced by the length of my post)

I want to toughen my feet up to be better able to cope with the pavement and rocks. I feel this will be even more important as summer approaches, since the heat from the road will really transfer through the thin Vibrams to the soles of my feet. I was finding this a challenge recently, so when the Fila Skeletoes came up for sale on Woot, I bought a pair.

Let's be clear. There's no comparison. Skeletoes are NOT a Vibram knock-off. They have a thick and rigid sole, and don't feel anything remotely close to barefoot. But they do separate the toes and for the Woot price, I felt it couldn't hurt to try. 2nd best thing I've done for my feet.

I prefer the Vibrams overall as a much better experience, but I can now walk 10 or 11 miles each day with regularity, but am best able to sustain it by splitting my outings between my Vibrams and my Skeletoes. The Vibrams to increase my focus on a more disciplined gait, and then the Skeletoes to give the soles of my feet a break, and eventually toughen up my feet more gradually over time.

My feet feel better for it, and my body (and mind) have improved through my ability to get some good walking time in. I'm now feeling the best I've felt in years, and as by-product, it will help me lose a lot of the excess weight that exacerbates the blown-out disc in my back.

So far, I only wear them when I go out for my walks. I wear normal shoes for my regularly day-to-day outings. That may change, but I'm still at the point where I look down at my own feet and get distracted by how they look. I don't know why I even care, but that's just the way it is. When I see these on my feet, I feel like an extra on the set of Planet of the Apes. But their goofy look is quickly overshadowed by how beneficial they've been for my feet.

But again, consider your feet. They aren't for everyone. And if you can, try some on first before committing to a pair.

So that's my story.

I hope anyone looking for experiences with Vibrams will find this at least a little bit helpful.

(BTW: My Vibram Speed model cost me $127 at the time or purchase. If they ever come up on Woot at the deals they tend to offer, I'm all over that one. That model is serving me very, very well.)

I hate that they are made in China!


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drat ...... sold out of my size (41) .......


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I don't like Woots new "streamlined shipping" if it means my screw ups can't be fixed :P Now I have a pair of too big shoes coming and they're sold out of the size I need.


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First pair of VFF's I bought, got them about 3 years ago specifically for running. Transitioned into them very slowly, started by just wearing them around the house, took about 5 weeks before I was running 2-3 miles at a time. Ended up putting about 700 miles on them before I had worn holes in the bottom, loved them though!


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Dang wish they had other colors.
If 1 foot is larger then the other your suppose to measure your largest foot & get that size.

I would always go up 1 size. also some shoes are a different size.

ie if It says I wear a 43 I would get the 44. Except I think 45 fit me better when I tried.

I just remember I tried on a pair & loved the feel. Although it takes the toes a while to get use to them.

This is a great buy on here. If they sold for 40 or less in the store I would jump on a pair.

Just remember you don't want your foot too loose in these. You want them slightly snug. That way it provides better protection & prevents you from getting the blisters in the longer run.

I wear sandals majority of the time & when I wear shoes I prefer boots.
Still looking to get the wife & I a pair of vibrams. Sadly no kids vibrams at this price LOL.

Dave & Dessa


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bummer to late on checking todays woot. sold out of my size. always wanted to try these out but never had a desire to pay that much for shoes maybe next time.

16 woots to date....countless close call on the elusive Bag of Cuuuuuuuuuute!....some day i will get one


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So what are my options if I have six toes?


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nkardos wrote:REI has KSO Trek size 46 for $30 as well right now. I guess it's the last size of that model.

Thanks for the info (it's all sizes in stock in brown and black at that price to clarify), I already have the Bikila's and they are my main running shoe. The trek's I've been looking for at a decent price for a backup and just when I go for walks.

Barefoot/minimal concept running shoes do require transition period as people have already previously stated but once I was fully acclimated (which didn't take long because I had been using Nike Free shoes for years) I have been able to train/run without any injuries at all. I actually feel like I could run back to back days every day. I usually only run only two days in a row to avoid injury but I have not had any shin splints or other pain at all since making the transition to barefoot style shoes. I live by them and they are quite the blessing.


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joecooool wrote:I hated these shoes, none of my toes fit.

Same here. Are European feet made differently, or something? They don't fit me, the toes are WAY to skinny to jam my digits in. Great idea, just not sized for American feet for some reason.


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I bought them for 34.99 incl. shipping last time they were offered. I am very happy with them. I used to get intense arch pain whenever I run more than a mile. But I have experienced zero foot injuries since the purchase, even when I run 6+ miles, which I do at least once a week. At this price they are a steal. But man, are they ugly!

On sizing: I normally wear a size 44 but their chart said 43, so I got a 43. When they first arrived, they were tight. I cursed at myself for not getting a 44 pair. But after the first use or so, they loosened up and became very comfy. I imagine a size 44 might have been just a tad bit loose eventually I would stick with their chart. Measure your foot with a ruler and pick what you see.

Big Luni

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Didn't Al Bundy invent these?


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drgnmstrslash wrote:

I wear them everywhere, the only downside is that sometimes they need a day to dry out here in the Pacific Northwest. Having a spare is a perfect fix.

I totally agree...these are awesome. I am also in the NW and recently picked up a pair of the Speed LS...they are completely waterproof. I stood in a 2" puddle with them and my feet stayed totally dry. So they are now my winter Vibrams. Check'em out!


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I just picked up 12 pair of Injiji socks on a daily deal earlier in the week. ;-)


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So happy to see my size hadn't sold out by this evening so I had a chance to check out my current pair of Bikila's and see what size I was.

I have the grey/red model - I love wearing them around the house and out for errands and even a short hike, but I would not wear them running - I know my body and I can't run in minimalist/barefoot shoes more than about a mile without causing pain.

With the red/grey model I have, the first time I wore them on a hike that included stretches of immersion in puddles/rivers, the red color spread into the grey/white upper portion of the shoe - it eventually faded but for a while there it looked like I had poured fruit punch on the tops of my feet. These blue models might do the same but at least it'll blend with the blue dots and be less obvious.


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Dang, took a chance on a size 39 womens as a surprise for my gf. Just measured her foot and she actually needs a 40. So close....

Anyone want to trade a 39 womens for a 40?


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I picked up a pair of deals woot.

They are the all black model. That being said... I will not wear them in public. They look like Big Bear feet.

BUT... hate to say it, they are comfy and you are forced to use different leg muscles while wearing them. I think they are good for around the house. But still can't bring myself to wear em in public.


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For those who want to try these, Woot is out of women sizes but REI has some some of the smaller sizes in stock for another model (KSO Multisport) for $30



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jenniferspaws wrote:But...but... I just bought the four-toed skeletoes... Argh.

Ugh I know right?!!


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So I got a pair of the KSO treks from the REI sale, and I wouldn't mind getting a pair o Bikilas as well. Cut-throat price, and different shoes for different activities.

That said, the KSOs are size 43. Toes fit fell, but there's some side to side wiggle room in the heel making the shoe not fit as snugly as I understand it should. I've ordered 42s to pick up in store and see how those fit instead, but they don't arrive until tomorrow.

Would you more seasoned Vibram wearers recommend I order the 42 or the 43 Bikila in this case?


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Great deal and price. For those who missed out on their size, REI outlet has Vibram FiveFingers KSO Trek Multisport Shoes for $31 with free shipping to the store. They come in black or brown in several sizes. Check it out..They feel great!


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Barakitty wrote:So I got a pair of the KSO treks from the REI sale, and I wouldn't mind getting a pair o Bikilas as well. Cut-throat price, and different shoes for different activities.

That said, the KSOs are size 43. Toes fit fell, but there's some side to side wiggle room in the heel making the shoe not fit as snugly as I understand it should. I've ordered 42s to pick up in store and see how those fit instead, but they don't arrive until tomorrow.

Would you more seasoned Vibram wearers recommend I order the 42 or the 43 Bikila in this case?

The Bikila's fit more snug than the KSOs. Stick with the 43 or you may find that they are to short and will hurt your toes. The Bikilas are also a lot more flexible.


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kalayna5282 wrote:I can vouch for 6pm being ok. Beware their lack of exchange policy, but a friend was able to return the shoes and have the sale price honored w/her purchase of the proper size.

This may not be so relevant now that this Woot is over, but FYI 6pm.com is Zappos' clearance site. I was directed there by a Zappos customer service rep after an item I wanted had sold out at Zappos.

They put the stuff they really want to get rid of there, which is why they don't do exchanges - they can't guarantee they'll have the item you want. They do take returns, though.


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Wow Woot really sucks as a company. Everytime I've ordered something in the past it takes MONTHS for the product to get to me and this time when I REALLY wanted the product Woot was selling not only did I NOT get to order the correct size because their customer service response takes so Why I oughta...ing long but now I'm stuck with a $30 charge coming outta my account who knows when for a pair of shoes that don't even Why I oughta...ing fit me. Great job Woot, you guys should've at least got back to me yesterday so I could order a second pair. Why I oughta... Woot...I will share this horrible experience with everyone I know that uses your site. You're customer service is the worst


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Why they always "sold out" the stuff that people would of buy? Never have enough, never!