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wuzup1998 wrote:Can anyone confirm if paypal payments still are not working?

I used Paypal on the 2nd of December (3 days ago) and it worked fine. Though I guess that doesn't mean it's working for everyone.

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wuzup1998 wrote:Can anyone confirm if paypal payments still are not working?

Paypal payments are working for people who have paypal already set up. If you change your payment information, paypal will most likely stop working. Customers who do not already have paypal configured as their primary payment method will not be able to add paypal as an option.

For those who wish to use paypal, it may be possible to use their free PayPal Debit MasterCard. I have not tested this though.


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wuzup1998 wrote:Can anyone confirm if paypal payments still are not working?

Due to technical issues, PayPal is not available for new payment setup. Also, if you change your payment from PayPal, you will not be able to go back to PayPal.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Not a fan of the way this situation was explained to me... or not explained, rather...

I went to buy a shirt and got a message that my payment was "denied" with a message to visit my cart or keep shopping... um hello? Why would I keep shopping if my payment was denied!? I went to see if something happened to it since the last order (where Woot forgot items not once, but twice causing me to miss the one thing that made me order that day in the first place) and then I found Paypal was no longer an option. After searching three pages of web search results I found this thread... Not happy right now Woot, you are better than this...

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I'm sorry, I have had too many CC breaches, so I only use PayPal now. Can't purchase what I would like at this time.


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shame... my paypal account is my 'go crazy and treat yourself' account. guess I'll go crazy elsewhere.


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Yep, me too. I just had to clear my cart because of no Paypal option. I'm sure you won't miss terribly my 24.99 but just thought I should speak up as well.


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Same here... needed to change my address, Paypal disappeared... no more purchase! Cleared cart... moving on...


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Why no PayPal? As an international customer this is how I always pay for things from US based online stores. Just came across Woot recently and wanted to buy a few shirts (and more in the future) but unable to do that without PayPal option


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WHAT THE ████ woot! I had to learn about this the hard way. I've made over 250 purchases through woot over the years and most were paid through paypal. I made a change tonight to add a credit card. There was no warning that if I switched from paypal you would just remove that option from me from now on! I went right back into my options to try to change it back and gone!

I prefer to buy things online through paypal. You didn't have an issue with my previous 258 orders so why pull this sneaky method of hiding the option without any kind of warning?

I thought Amazon would bring good things to the table but so far it seems like woot is just becoming useless. I guess you won't have to worry about dealing with my annoying paypal purchases (or any other kinds) for a while.