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I finally received my shipment (a dog bed) from my 5/12 order!

At first, I didn't know what it was. It was a badly taped heavily dented Duck brand cardboard box, like you might get at a store, delivered by Fed Ex. I couldn't make heads or tails of the shipping label, other than that it was to me. It was too light to be homemade explosives or a prank. I pulled aside the really bad tape wrapping and lo-and-behold the dog bed had finally arrived. The box was really too big for it, but hey, its a dog bed, and shouldn't be affected by impact damage.

The bed survived shipping, and besides being underwhelming for the price, seems to be fine. I think Woot and the vendor won on this one.

I never did get any shipping information for this package, and I did not get any updates from Woot support on when it might arrive. That was disappointing.

After this experience, I'm shutting off my Woot lights, and resigning all my Woot flying monkeys to become chew toys for my dogs. My last package from the Wootopolis has been delivered.

If you ever get around to making some serious improvements on the customer service side (shipping, communications, all that stuff) let me know and I might just test the waters out again. Until then, good luck to you all, especially you Wooters brave enough to stick with it.

With bittersweet thoughts of past Woot-offs, and missed bags of crap, I bid you all goodbye!


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At least hang out in the forums with us, Zathuras... You've always been one of the awesome ones.