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I'm have horrible issues with Woot customer support. That's fine if you don't have a 800 live support number but at least respond to my emails. I don't count automatic emails responding. It has been well over 24 hours from the last response and email and from the beginning, many days.

Read that the better business bureau has given Woot a D+, and I can't argue with that. It's like a company that had phone support from 8-5, and won't pick up the phone. It's horrible and unacceptable.

Please help!



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I'm going to quote myself here, hope you don't mind.

thumperchick wrote:1. Email support@woot.com with your order number and a description of your issue. If you know how you want it resolved, tell them that.

2. Within a few hours you will get an automated email with a case number. If you don't see this within 4ish hours or so, check your SPAM folder. If you don't see it anywhere within 24hrs, your email was not received.
- If you attached pictures/files to your original email, that may be what caused it to not go through. Upload them to your preferred image hosting site and include links rather than files.
Resend email and repeat until you get a case #. (If this fails several times, see step 5.)

3. Customer Service will respond to you within a few days. More often than not, within one day. If you're writing during a woot-off, there will be a delay.

4a. If Customer Service resolved your issue/made you happy - you're done! (Unless you have the urge to write them a sonnet, praising their amazing wooty skills.)

4b. If you are not satisfied, write them back. Be sure to include your original case #. This will be a repeat of the previous 3 steps.

5. It is rare that you can't resolve an issue directly with service. In those cases, when you've exhausted your options with the regular service team, then you may find more help here in the forums.

Some of that help can/will be from your fellow wooters. Most will be from the Forum Moderators who contact the same people at service@woot.com that you would be speaking to if you emailed them directly.

99% of the time, support@woot.com will be able to handle any questions/concerns you have. I promise, they like you and want to help.

Hope that helps


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You should have an email from Customer Service. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don't find it.

To contact CS, use the Customer Service form in the menu at the top right corner of every page
••• ► Woot's Return Policy ◄ ••• ► Did you check your spam/junk folders for a CS reply?
CANCEL?? How to cancel your order in the first 2 hours!! - except orders with Woot-Off or expedited items