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Another circling the drain buying experience because Woot is proving to be a virus for customer dissatisfaction...

Tabletop Air Hockey with 6 Shot Glasses - several components missing.


I bought this on the last Woot-off as a surprise for my daughter. We opened it last night (June 11 - 1st outreach to Woot customer support 12-June). Much to our dismay there were several pieces missing. Everything was missing except for the table and shot glasses. The instructions on how to assemble were not even included.

My daughter is 9. This was a huge disappointment for her and was very awkward for me.

My Request:

Would you please send the missing components / or a new box (with all parts included)?

Lack of Customer Support Experience:

I have sent multiple communications regarding this issue without resolution. I have responded in a timely fashion to customer service inquiries which has only resulted in additional inconvenience for me because I purchased a product from Woot which was not sold as advertised & customer service does not respond to my reply emails unless I open a new ticket.

As a result of my efforts to see this through to a satisfactory resolution I have received multiple case #s for the same issue & I have experienced customer service/ support from Woot that is dysfunctional & frustrating at best.

Let's Be Transparent:

I essentially got someone's return which was not inspected upon receipt but was reshipped to me as new by Woot. I have asked Woot to please replace product as opposed to providing a credit. I was told that woot does not have anymore handy so I am out of luck; when, in fact, additional units should be readily available from the manufacturer or supplier, for such mishaps, as this was not a limited edition item.

I can respect that the customer service rep had good intentions when he offered to refund my money, however I tried to communicate my dissatisfaction due to the nature of the issue (i.e. product not damaged & product received was not as advertised - 'new'). In addition, I feel it is less than appropriate that I need to justify, defend & educate customer service on why the $5 shipping should also be included with any refund.

Let's Set Some Expectations for future Purchases & Customer Service Interactions:

Is this Woot's new business model for providing customer service & support?

Please Consider Changing Your Slogan:

This irate Wooter is really really upset! I recommend you do something about it or remove your slogan re: Support - 'Where we turn irate wooters into 'I love Woot'-ers'.


Woot...providing a refund is appropriate when something is damaged and/ or customer does not want the product. Providing a refund when a product is advertised as new but the customer receives a used item that is missing several parts is sheepish.

Buyer beware!!!!


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I'm very sorry for your experience with the table. Have you checked your email spam for a response? We do end up there pretty darn often.

I'll reach out to CS in the meantime.

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