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Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps

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Anyone have any input on this?


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Supersox wrote:Anyone have any input on this?

It plays blurays. In 3d.


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Supersox wrote:Anyone have any input on this?

I read the comments from the previous sale (with 13 comments) and people had nothing good to say about it. I'd avoid it on that alone.


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From the Amazon reviews, it seems like buying this is a carp-shoot: About 40% of the people love it, 40% are meh, and 20% hate it with the fires of a thousand suns.


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Anybody have this that can tell me if it can play the typical download video formats, like .mkv or .avi (Xvid/divx) through the USB port? I know it says it can play these things, but I bought a Panasonic BR player that also claimed to be able to play those types of files and it wouldn't play any of them.


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I have the 5500 and have had it since it was 'state of the art'. This will work with any DNLA compliant server. There's a samsung app to run on your pc, or I stream to it right off the hard drive connected to my WD Mynet900 router. No PC required. Mine doesn't have wifi (being an older model) but it's been flawless otherwise.

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I have one purchased from a previous Woot, and have had no problems with it.

I have not yet tried playing movies or a slideshow using the USB port... sorry. :-/


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Seems like a solid player. I picked mine up refurbed from best buy about a month ago. WiFi works well for Netflix. Blurays play just fine (be sure to restart manually once or even twice after firmware updates. That seemed to solve the "disk not playing" issue some on amazon reported). Haven't tested the 3d function because none of my TVs are compatible. Only quibble is the Netflix app doesn't have much in the way of options (can't alter 4:3 videos to fill a widescreen TV).


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Is this worth buying if I'm just using it as a blu-ray player?



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Konaan wrote:Is this worth buying if I'm just using it as a blu-ray player?