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X-posting from deals.woot. If you don't spend any time over there, you should, you never know what you'll find.

Hello there. I have an abundance of crap to give away. When I say abundance, I mean it. And when I say crap, well, that is open to interpretation.

This month, I'll be giving away 2 Board of Circuits#39;s via my site (thanks for the love you guys have shown to it). However, I will also be giving away a giant Board of Circuits on deals.woot.

If you would like to win some crap, leave a comment here. Please keep it honest, one comment per person (no dupe accounts). Winner will be selected by Random Number Generator on or around noon on Friday. I would like to have this shipped out by Saturday. [US residential addresses only]

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Thanks for the heads up! =D


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