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It's impossible to be fashionable with your hands full of technology and pens and currency and baby toys. Get a nice bag for all that and you can work the sidewalk like a runway.


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I have an OGIO laptop backpack I got free at some tech conference once. It's probably 10 years old now and goes EVERYWHERE with me. It lives quite a bit in my hot truck, goes on all trips, gets clothes and heavy books/magazines stuff in its main pocket, and always carries a heavy laptop in it.

It still looks as good as new!

OGIO makes the BEST backpacks/bags for longevity. They really do hold up. I've seen a few my friends have, most are also MANY many years old and still holding up strong.


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elmuchogrumpy wrote:The medium messenger bag got some mixed reviews on Amazon.


My current laptop bag is extremely uncomfortable, so I was thinking about pulling the trigger on the $50 Ogio bag, but those Amazon reviews have me hesitating.

OK I ordered one, hopefully I dont regret it. Went ahead and grabbed the Naga Emic Mouse too, been wanting it for the last few times its popped up on woot.


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The Medium bag is awfully big ,it seems like .


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I have a well used Ogio laptop bag that is over 10 years old and still looks almost new. Their products are very well made.


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I just hope the next OGIO sale includes the Newt backpack.. That's what I'm really looking for


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The Pagoda S bag is ok for the price, well padded for electronics.

Be aware the handle is pretty much worthless, a 1/2" piece of nylon strap oddly positioned part way down the back, almost an afterthought. I guess they thought everyone would want to strap their laptop and tablet across their back when heading thru dense urban areas and wouldn't need a handle for a loaded bag or a need to carry by hand.

The padded shoulder strap is nice, but there are times a good handle is needed!