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Bali Outdoor Furniture

Chances are you'll never go to Bali unless one of your more interesting friends has a destination wedding there. Buying some Bali-inspired furniture is therefore probably your best avenue to experiencing this Indonesian paradise. 


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I own 4 armchairs, 2 loveseats, 2 end tables and 2 ottomons. I have them on the back deck in almost a perfect square... it's great for outdoor parties. Last winter, I just covered them all in a winterized tarp. Also, I bought some cushions (20 x 20?) from a standard store on clearance and I'm all set.


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While the furniture looks good selling something on woot for a 6% off retail does not seem like much a deal to me.


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"%6 off retail" What the heck is that?? Not good woot


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The shadows on that picture are so odd.


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I love the bad photoshopping.


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k2wananb wrote:I love the bad photoshopping.

Quite the worst I've seen in many a month. The poor chap who committed this crime surely put the green & white dog there to make it look ironic.