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Got here a week ago but I was away...

Crab Bag
K8 Woot Shirt Green (Periodic Table)
Fila Athletic Shorts L
2x4 packs Sanyo AAA batteries
2x4 packs Sanyo AA batteries
9V Sanyo battery
Enchanted Meadow Aroma Ecology
Journal Notebook Set
180s Ear Warmers w Headphones
Pyle View 8.1" TFT LCD Backup Monitor PLCM8200

Thanks Woot!


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Oh, I am a terrible person, because my box came a week and a half ago, and I never posted the contents. It was the day after I got back from out of town, if that's any excuse.

OK, here's my haul:
10x bags of Texas air
1 K8 t-shirt (Pet Food, I believe)
1 velvet poster set (21 posters, 50 markers, 5 tubes glitter glue)
1 BFF FOREVER locking diary w/pen
1 Enchanted Meadow lotion set, "Alpine Meadows"
1 pair 180s ear warmers w/headphones, black
1 black polka dot note set
1 pair Jim Morrison ear buds
1 Sanyo 9V battery
1 Remington King of Shaves razor
1 box of 6 6-pack replacement razor blades for above

Beyond the fact that woot may believe me to be an extremely hirsute 8-year-old girl, or possibly an 8-year-old girl werewolf, I am quite pleased--both to have been the recipient of this crap, and to have been able to participate in woot's birthday celebration. Thanks!