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Dear w00t, I just discovered the care package you sent me, over the weekend! I know I havn't called you or the kids in a while, but it's been really trying times lately. The thoughtful gifts you sent me show that you know what I'm going through right now and will really help.

The High Peak Extreme Pack XL cocoon sleeping bag will be great for those really cold nights in the park! And the Ghost Busters backpack is also great for when I have to leave quickly in the morning before the cops show up. The Vetta Micro-Lux bike light will also help, as the sun usually isn't up yet when Officer Flannery makes his first rounds. And the Add-a-Hook garage hooks allow me to carry extra crap on my bike!

And what bike isn't complete without being decked out with a Soundlogic Bluetooth XL Sound Box?

The 25th Anniversary Special Edition Antec Notebook Cooler stand is great for those hot summer days when I'm filching power off of the neighbors storage shed, while listening to Korn with the Peltro Acoustics - ANR300 Headphones and drinking a cold Steel Reserve in my new Legendary Bag of Crap Beer Koozie!

If only Homeless Bob hadn't stolen my iPad 3, I'd have an immediate use for the folio for iPad 2 or 3 and the Soundlogic Bluetooth Keyboard for Ipad 3.

It was also very thoughtful to include some gifts for my new family as well. Toothless Mary and I are up to 7 kids now. They'll enjoy playing with the CES 2011 Masked Monkey #2. I just hope one of our feral dogs don't chew it up. And the XL sized w00t shirt will be a nice shirt for me to share with the boys. We can each wear it one day out of the week! I havn't been eating much these days so I think an XL will fit again.

Our one little girl, will like the green S w00t shirt. Though she's becoming quite the lady now. Being a size S will really show off... HEY! did t00n send that?!


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Congrats! That's a mighty fine Bounty of Candy you got there!


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Mighty fine crap indeed!

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Awesome Crap. Bags of Cake all around.