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If I am the passenger, I would whip out my backpack guitar, and start playing tunes that we can all sing along to.

"Understanding is a three-edged sword."


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Napping! Nothing kills time better than being unaware of its passage. Plus my mom, my usual co-pilot, prefers I get a little shut eye so that I'm fresh for my next leg as driver.


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If I spot anyone texting as they drive I aim a laser pointer at their eyes until they stop texting or they crash in a spectacular explosion. You're welcome...



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My boyfriend and I spend a lot of time just talking on long trips, usually about video games. I'll occasionally pick up my 3DS or Kindle, but not all that often.


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Heart surgery.

Or swimming.


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Really, really long books on tape, preferably ones that engage the kids too. People can always selectively tune out with headphones.


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Nothing beats searching for Sasquatch or UFO's.


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Long, deep conversation with the driver and other passengers.

First WOOT 23 April 2007
144 WOOTs as of 12 Dec 2013


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My son and went on a 2200 mile road trip this summer. We got until the middle of Book 4 of the Harry Potter audio-books


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How about license plate bingo? I got NJ! Oh, NY! What's this joker doing here from Maine? California? Dude, you're lost!


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Sleep! Ever since I was a kid I am lulled to sleep by any vehicle that is moving, except for planes and the one I am driving.

I'm fairly surprised that reading isn't an option too. If I can stay awake long enough, then I'd be reading.

Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean that they hate you, or anyone else.


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-count cows. watch out for those graveyards-- you'll lose your cows if it's on your side of the road.
My dad once took a random turn to avoid losing his team's cows. We got very lost. But his team had their cows ! : )

-license plate poker

-singing in rounds

-look for historical markers and stop at all of them

-when all else fails :
"100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall."
I wonder who invented that song ? Obviously someone who wanted to drive someone else insane.

If you have the time, stay off the highways and discover the country. Great way to travel.
Enjoy the rest of your summer wootizens!


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atozzi wrote:The passenger scouts for and finds a nose picker, have the driver pace him. Pretend you're picking in the same way he is (or she, yes women are pickers too) while staring at them. Wait for their embarrassed reaction. It's hours of endless fun.

So help me, I initially interpreted that "nose picker" was some sort of device that you bought on Woot and couldn't believe they made such a thing (nor that you expected most people to have one readily available in their vehicle). Only when the rest of your post sounded like gibberish in that context that I realized that a "nose picker" was a person in another vehicle.


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ardubu wrote:Alphabet names of movies...
Alien = A
Braveheart = B
Clockwork Orange = C
Downfall = D...

You do know there's a version of the Alphabetical Movie Title Game running over on the "Everything But Woot!" forum, don't you?

Sugar 'em up and send 'em home


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I am old and let the kids drive now so I complain that I am hungry or thirsty until they stop for food or gas. I then quiet down for about 20 minutes and complain I have to go pee. Sad thing is I do.


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avergowven wrote:SLUG BUG, best with an unwilling participant...

YES YES YES YES - WE don't get to slug as much as when I was a kid though.... I still have some of those bruises.


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Yes No Invisible Ink Books


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Audiobooks, sleep, crochet


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would you rather


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Why, spanking the Woot monkey of course!


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Using my Kindle....reading, games etc.....


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I tell the driver to pull over and let me drive. It's been 18 years since I didn't drive at least 90% of a road trip.


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To kill time, as a passenger, I like to discuss politics, religion, money, and child rearing methods with the driver. Surprising how short that can make a trip!

I've had hour-long trips end in a couple of blocks...


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Take over the steering wheel. Makes the trip so much shorter.

Have you guys seen any writers around?


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Satellite radio keeps me going


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Just got home this afternoon from visiting my son and fiance in Ann Arbor. I drove to Charlotte today. The mountains of West Virginia and Virginia are a blast. Pretend NASCAR here...The tunnels are there to slow you down...


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Audio books are the way to make the miles pass quickly.


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Trivia, reading, or music!


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Candy crush!!


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Books on CD


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Music is the best diversion.


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Recorded book or a nap.


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Sleep, of course ;)


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I would charge up my iPod, iPad, and iPhone, make sure I have all my music updated, download some audiobooks, download some eBooks for my Kindle app, load up my Netflix queue (thank goodness for unlimited 4G/LTE data), make sure I have enough diet Pepsi, sugar free red bull, airheads, and sour punch straws, fluff up my travel pillow and unroll my travel blanket, and gear down into my comfy sweats and slippers. I wouldn't even mind riding in the trunk - you would have just as much chance getting my attention as if I was sitting right next to you. My mother still calls me "boring girl" even though we rarely travel together anymore....


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cannedpoo wrote:Sex and drugs and Rock n' Roll

it's just sex, drugs, and rock n roll..


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I listen to an audio book or music


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I'm sure I would have loaded up movies on the iPad and music on the iPhone. When those tire me, I'd probably just stare out the window