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I've noticed that some people list all their woot purchases in their signature. Me? No way, no how. I don't even want to acknowledge to myself, much less anyone else, just how much $$ I've spent on woot crap since 2006.


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Sure would be nice to have a few more product discussions. This IS a painful Woot Off.


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"Never rub another man's rhubarb." - The Joker


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I use this type of hammock opposed to the open mesh style and it is really much better. It {encorpsulates} the body and protects from bug-zinnies.You can pull it over and around your whole body.


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Heh -- funny thing; just woke up from my first night in a hammock a couple hours ago. It was hands-down the most comfortable sleep I've ever had, ever. Sadly the spouse and I together are about 400lbs and the 450-lb capacity stand we got didn't even hold up to hubby's weight (well, it did - but bent so now it's shaped kinda like this: (__/ instead of this: \__/ )

Anywho, we also have a 'trek light' hammock in a similar size, material, and weight capacity (got it from woot YEARS ago) to this one. I tried it for a bit on the stand and preferred it over the one it came with. It was like laying on a cloud. Definitely not for two people - especially not if you want to lay correctly - but I could nearly lay perpendicular to the stand and not hang off the edge (I'm 5'-7")... Only reason I didn't sleep in that one was I was so exhausted from taking the frame apart and putting it back together trying to figure out why it was bending under half its weight capacity, I just fell asleep in the one hung last.

Sooo... yeah. Would be great for camping OR sleeping at home in, just be sure to get two if you're trying to sleep two.

(my mad lib word is 'fat' XD )