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Framed School Movie Posters

These framed school-based movie posters aren't just for your student. They're also for the parent who plans to redecorate their child's old room! Hey, you gotta cut the cord some time.


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Oh My Failing Grades!!! I want most of these, but really shouldn't spend the cash. I ate you woot. #temptation


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hmmm. would have thought these would have made it into the BACK 2 SCHOOL sale.

to the woot staff member that screwed up the back2skool code so I could get a lot of nice things for free - thank you.


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mrsly69 wrote:I ate you woot. #temptation

Well, how did it taste?


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Where's "Who Dat Ninja"?


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$70? I guess your mostly paying for the picture frame... lol

Tommy Kellogg


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How is this a deal? Is it an ACTUAL movie poster from a theater? Is the frame lit up? Is it anything but a cheap print in a cheap poster?

I feel bad for anyone who wastes their money on this.


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I think its kind of funny that they all cost $69.99 *except* Billy Madison - $39.99.


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Billy Madison is 40% less than every other poster?

That is one of the most insanely brainiacic things I have ever heard. Everyone on this board is now dumber for seen that.


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Growing up my family owned a video store, we would sell the big movie posters for 2 to 10 bucks. We also had frames, we would buy them in packs and depending how many we got we would get a deal. They were plastic and nothing too fancy but it was less then 30 bucks for a dozen frames, the more we bought the cheaper we would get them for. Mind you this was 20 years ago. I still have Ghostbusters 1 and 2 along with a bunch of others. Oh, my Evil Dead parts 1 and 2 posters are originals and my favorites. Originals can be worth something someday, reprints or rerelease posters aren't. I would avoid these unless you're a hardcore fan of the movie.


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How do I reach these Keeeeeeeds?!


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DBoulant wrote:How can I teach these Keeeeeeeds?!

(my guess)
Billy Madison? hahah
EDIT: Wait...no "School of Rock"?