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Oakley Apparel For Women

Style isn't just about the shades you wear. Style is about what goes with those shades. If you trust a name for your sunglasses, why not trust them for more? WHY NOT, PEOPLE?? DON'T WAIT FOR THE TRANSLATOR, ANSWER THE QUESTION NOW!
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I got the sunset colored shorts last go around. They're a really pretty coral-ish color in person. They're SO soft! and really comfortable. They seemed to be true to size. They also are bigger around the thigh area so your legs look awesome!!! They are more high on the sides than they are in the middle.. at first I thought that was weird but now I like it. Anyways, I just wanted to share my happiness and recommend them!

Also I do not work out. These are strictly for laziness.


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Got the black short-sleeved tourney polo last time and I LOVE it! Fits great. Not a golfer; just bought this for wearing around the office. When they say moisture management, they mean it - most of my office stuff gets kind of yechy during the transition from cool office to outside in the summer, but this stayed dry and comfy. Probably in for another one of these, if I can decide on a color.


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a little sad that the blue tourney polo is only available in XS. that said, i think there are enough other things i'm tempted to buy with this sale.

thanks, woot!


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I found the shirts were sized small. (I ordered them last time they were offered on Woot.) I usually take a medium. A medium in both the striped and solid color shirts were too short and tight across the shoulders and torso.


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I'm a bike commuter; I'm thinking these polos would be good attire for riding then sitting in the office. Yay? Nay?