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kenbuzz wrote:Unless you already have one, I'd be concerned about the part of the stud that has to stick through the band, and that will be rubbing against the wearer's arm or wrist. Can't seem to find any "inside" photos of those bands, and at 3x the price of the watchface, I'd consider that critical information before pulling the "buy it" trigger.

BTW - Here's the band I'm mating to the white-faced Weekender:


Search the watch at Amazon, then select the VIDEO from the available images. As the watch rotates you will see the inside of the band...


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jawlz wrote:Actually, the Weekender (along with the Easy Reader) is one of the main and most popular Timex models, so I wouldn't say that it comes from the 'b line' at all.

IMO, the loudness here is a bit overstated - you will hear it if it you are in an absolutely quiet room. If there is any background noise at all, you're not going to hear it unless you have it very close to your ear.

The bottom line is these are good, dependable watches that keep time very accurately, and the ones with the 24 hour face are also generally recognized as being relatively stylish in a casual way.

I'd have to agree. If my office is really quiet or I am in a quiet space I hear it and it is loud. However, in the normal business of the day I can ignore it. I also sleep in it with no problem, I don't notice the ticking. Other than the occasional bark from dog and the whir of the AC, the ticking of this watch is just not that big of a deal for me.

It is a great watch. I had the back come off the watch for some reason and I had a devil of a time getting it back on, but no other complaints. I've dropped on a tile floor with no problems.

At first I thought it would be too masculine, but it really isn't I am tall so proportionally it's fine.


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irregardlessly wrote:I own a weekender and like it a lot. This is a good price. I like the stock bands and it will introduce you to the vast world of aftermarket NATO straps and such.

My one problem with this watch is it ticks VERY LOUDLY. TICK TICK. If you are in a quiet room you will hear it. If you leave it on your nightstand at bed time you will hear it. Mine is wrapped up in a sock on my dresser at night so it doesn't drive me crazy. This problem prevents it from being my every day watch (working in a quiet office) but is my only reservation.

You have just described every Timex ive owned. had a couple of the adventure series, some retrogrades, and several wal-mart specials and they all had this in common.


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Mine arrived today and I have two comments.

First the packaging was insufficient. Or perhaps Fed-Ex played floor hockey with it. Although the boxes and the plastic case were crushed the watch survived. So there's something to the Timex toughness but I'm glad I didn't order this as a gift.

Second, (and perhaps more significantly for a guy) the 'unisex' watch band is short. I noticed that women's bands tend to be 8 inches long and men's vary between 10 and 11 inches. This one is 9. So while it is in the middle, it's very snug and worn on the second to last notch. The blurb didn't specify the length so I guess... lesson learned.

There are other straps available but spending $13 on a strap for a $15 watch undermines the economy of the deal. On the other hand, the display is clean, easily read and the indiglo backlight is great.