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Artwall Floral Canvas Art

Winter's approaching, which means less flowers in the garden, so how are you going to get your flower fill? Put flowers on your walls ... in the form of canvas art! It's just like the real thing. You can even sniff it. It just smells like canvas, but you can still sniff it if you want.


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These are really nice pieces at great prices. Jan Weiss is a current day artist and art publisher from the California Bay Area. She licenses her art to several publishers and printers, and also works with other artists. She has a website/blog called The Art Planet, along with the usual social media pages.

Just for comparison, there is another source for her prints that prices a 24X24 canvas print at $194! You can get the exact same thing made the same way here for $60. And printed art isn't priced like cheap watches, where you assume the real price is 10% of the "list" price. Whatever they're asking that day, you pay, or walk away. Of course, there's no collector value here, but there's no collector value in an Invicta watch either. It serves a function for which the price paid is amortized over the period of time that you use it. I particularly like the Jan Weiss pieces, as compared to the prints of the old masters, because they're fresher and contemporary, and will go with almost any décor. (Damn it added the little accent thing all by itself.) And they are here available at a great price.

No, I don't know Jan Weiss and never heard of her before today. So I'm not shilling for her.