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Happy Music Monday! Today we're gathering up all those songs about girlfriends and filtering out five. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, sometimes it just is. Today Scott's got five different types of girlfriend songs. Surely you'll enjoy at least one.

Pebbles - Girlfriend


The adorably named Pebbles offers her broken-hearted girlfriend some advice: kick him to the curb! Here we see the dark side of love. Sometimes the person you're supposed to love is just another way to keep score. At least there's a good beat, though.

More girlfriend songs inside. See you after the jump!

Bobby Brown - Girlfriend


Normally I'd never trust an alto sax, but young Bobby Brown captures the beauty of Me And Mrs. Jones and turns in into a sweet high school romance instead. "Can I call you, would that be all right" is always much sweeter than "Ay, yo, baby, I gotta get up on dat!" This Bobby Brown is the kind of boy to bring home to the parents. Too bad about what came later.

Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend


Of course it might be a bit of a double standard, but when nice girls get aggressive, it can sometimes be kinda cute! This pushy punkette won't take no for an answer, she KNOWS she could be a better girlfriend than the one you've got and ABSOLUTELY is going to prove it! She wants to be yours, and she will be! Warning to wanna-be Avrils: this stops being cute the second you can legally be tried as an adult.

Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend


Love is catchy, and happy, and this song is like a crush. It's nice when you're in it, but then it gets a little to serious, and suddenly it goes from "Hey, we should hang out and have fun!" to "I'M NEVER SETTING YOU FREE." In the immortal words of .38 Special, hold on loosely.

Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better


It's usually hard to say what David Byrne is writing about, but it's pretty clear, in this case, said girlfriend is pretty important. Maybe he loves her less than his career, maybe he loves her enough to put her first while surrounded by groupies, maybe it's a little of both. Whatever the case, he chooses to do something that doesn't make sense, and it seems to pay off big. Also, the keyboard line is faboo.

Maybe you can make or be a girlfriend in our Turntable.fm room during the regular Music Monday enjoyment. But no pressure. Also, let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use.


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A couple of favorite (I don't have a) girlfriend songs:

Have you checked your Private Messages lately?


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Since Scott dug up songs with just "girlfriend" in the title, I'll throw one in:

Have you checked your Private Messages lately?


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I can't tell if LarryLars used it in his youtube videos, but I'll go with "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield.


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There were times when I could have murdered her..!

She turned the disco down.

She's so great!


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Ok so since apparently Jessie is taken, I'll go with a song about a girlfriend lost too soon: "Teen Angel" by Mark Dinning.


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from the time before internet relationships.

And a potential girlfriend, if only she'd lower her standards.

edit:- And once you have her... you have to make sure nobody else takes her.. (NSFW - Pottymouthed lyrics)


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"Sunny Girlfriend" by The Monkees


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The kind of girlfriend nobody wants - a "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend", Miranda Lambert

It seemed like a good idea at the time.


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Alternative Girlfriend by The Barenaked Ladies
Girlfriend by Harry Nilsson (later reworked for the theme song for The Courtship of Eddie's Father)

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Let's get Ramonesy!


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I can't believe you didn't include Robyn's "Call your girlfriend"!
Most excellent dance evvvvvar!

And because you really must see Taran Killan doing the exact same dance in a very similar outfit in homage to Robyn, here you go, you're welcome, enjoy, and call your girlfriend!