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I wished I bought this when it was on last.

Anyone know of where to buy one for the same price?


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Worst product EVER! I just received my 4th unit since September of 2013 (15 months) and the 4th unit failed within one week of receiving it. That's about one week sooner than the other units failed. I finally asked for a refund and Customer service at Neato is telling me that I'm not entitled to a refund because it is now past the 0ne year warranty period from my initial purchase! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! 4 units in 15 months (I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt) hoping everything would be find. They never told me I had to request a refund within 1 year of the original purchase. Now they say the 4th unit they are sending me (which has failed) is not under any kind of warranty.

Apparently, Giacomo Marini, the CEO, doesn't care about his customers enough to give them a product that works!