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Zmodo 720p Wireless Indoor IP Camera

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Item: Zmodo 720p Wireless Indoor IP Camera
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Too bad it is indoor. I'd want it for the chicken coop, but I guarantee it gets colder than 14 degrees out there some days.

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Cons: Clunky Windows desktop software required to record video. No MacOS support. No Web-based interface. No audio. No online "DVR" video storage
Bottom Line

The Zmodo 720P HD Wi-Fi surveillance camera with night vision and motion detection has a great price, but that doesn't quite make up for what it lacks compared with the competition.


Easy QR code setup on smartphones. Excellent video quality. Inexpensive. Software supports multiple cameras.

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Bought one of these on woot this year. Not an easy set up, and constantly needed to be re set up on tablet. Was never able to get it loaded on android phone. Also it was very loud clicking to adjust light level and blue light on unit is annoying.. bought brite view on a later woot that was much easier.


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Bought one of these a while back. Great looking video, but it's made to use with security VCR's and not really practical if you're wanting to use it like a webcam. Works only with their clunky software, haven't found anything else that plays well with it. Videos it records are in an obscure format, can't find a program that will convert them reliably.


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Talk about a woot killer...