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Samsung Blu-ray Player with Apps & Wi-Fi

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Item: Samsung Blu-ray Player with Apps +%26 Wi-Fi
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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5/5/2013 - $49.99 - 18 comment(s)

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I've seen some explicitly state 3D -- so should one assume if this has no mention of 3D, it does not support 3D?


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Controls on top? Where's Trollface Hiding?, can't put it in a stack of A/V gear?


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I think the description should have read," It's dangerous to go alone! Take This!"


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XterraGuy wrote:Controls on top? Where's Trollface Hiding?, can't put it in a stack of A/V gear?

wouldn't it be remote-controlled in that case? I suppose aside from the "open the frickin door" command.


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I picked this up a BB in June as an open box, but it was brand new. It's easy to use and the controls on the top just barely need to be touched to operate, but we always use the remote. I don't even get dvd's any more since we mostly use the streaming Netflix. One thing worth noting, it's a little loud and this is my bedroom dvd player, but it was 100 retail when I got it for 80, so this seems like a great deal plus Samsung has really pulled away from the pack with their video products in my opinion. Note that this can onlt be hooked up with HDMI.


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usermonster wrote:Terrible reviews on Amazon.


Naturally, I read the worst review on this first and the reviewer seems to be quite the pro...that had REALLY lofty expectations for this player. So what did he say about just playing Blu-Ray discs....? He said it plays discs great and boots fast. So, for $50??? I think it's worth it for a Samsung to just play discs. He says don't buy it for the wifi and yet the replies to his comments have people that tell him that he didn't enter his password correctly because it worked just fine for them. He said, don't buy for web browsing and yet on woot and on samsung's site, there are no claims that it web browses...just apps. So, for the very worst review on Amazon, but a technophile who had all of his issues debunked by comment to his review...I'd say, the reviews are just fine.


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with free shipping


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I have one of these in a bedroom -- it's fine as a second Blu-ray player. Nothing fancy. You'd want something with more features and I/O ports as the living-room player.


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lmdavis07 wrote:https://www.blinq.com/electronics/dvd-blu-ray-players/samsung-bd-e5400-wi-fi-blu-ray-player-black/101749?condition=used-very-good&gclid=COrbzfCq5LkCFeRj7AodH3YArA

with free shipping

That is used. Ours is Factory Reconditioned.

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So this one only supports these for streaming?

Netflix, Pandora, YouTube,™ CinemaNow, Vudu™

(I have Amazon Prime.)


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I have this unit. I thought I hated BluRay, until I found out not all players (like this) take 2-3 minutes to fire up a disc. Painful. Cannot wait till it dies so I can get something else.


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i had a samsung machine in the last 12 months and that thing was THE worst as far as being user friendly.....stay away..it drove me nuts and i gave it away after i bought a sony..a much better machine and i dont need a PHD degree in engineering to run it

dont get one if they give them away..you wont be happy


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As a disc player it's fine. Using the "apps" is one of the most painful things to do, it is so incredibly slow it's just not even worth it. Wish instead I had of bought a regular BR player and a Roku, since that's all I use now anyway.


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The Wi Fi sucks..drops in and out..etc. Apps awful too.


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Sorry to say it, but this is a pretty crappy device. I have to restart it constantly. I've actually given up on DVD players and have moved completely over to netflix and network apps via iphone/ipad/appletv. I'm sure a roku will show up later today -- spend your money on that instead.


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Just for what it's worth, I had one of these (bought it at Wal-Mart though). The blu-ray player worked, but like mentioned previously took a while to load. The quality of blu-ray was fine once it got going. The one thing I couldn't get past was the streaming apps, though. They were incredibly slow and spotty at best. It literally took anywhere from 5-10 seconds after I pressed a button on the remote for it to register at the player. I never knew whether it didn't register me pushing the button or didn't, and by the time I pushed it again, it usually registered two pushes and did the action twice. I lasted 24 hours with the unit until I returned it. The quality of the streaming was also sub-par. And before anyone questions my network connection speed, I have a vizio TV with streaming apps, a PS3, and an RCA streaming box (cheapo) that stream perfectly fine with zero lag and much better quality than this unit. If you just want a decent blu-ray player, I'd say go for it. But if you are even remotely interested in using the streaming apps, stay away from this one. I subsequently bought a Sony Blu-ray player with wi-fi and streaming apps and absolutely love it.


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These are awesome. i bought 3 cause they were great. Come on peeps buy em before they are gone...:-) tee hee


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I seem to remember seeing these at Best Buy NEW for the same price.


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Back to the shapewear in accessories. I know, sorry. You just don't see shapewear like that every day, though.

There is never a bad time to not want to need something. Except now.


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Airkat wrote:I've seen some explicitly state 3D -- so should one assume if this has no mention of 3D, it does not support 3D?

This model does NOT support 3D, but Samsung's next model up, the BD-F5900 does.



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It's a cheap black Friday model. This will be alright for your kids. But you can't buy this and realize it's a sub-standard product and be turned off of Samsung because this is not a normal Samsung product (if it's even made by Samsung.) Units like this were manufactured specifically for Black Friday very cheaply to make a quick buck. And they sell like crazy so they won't be stopping this practice.

If you want something for your sweet expensive nano-LED TV, put a little more money into it and get something decent.