I used to buy so much more from woot when they offered so much less. You could get to the site, and read a great and entertaining description, and decide if you want the product, or to check out the side-woots.

Now you get a blurb of a title, and then all sorts of other flashy junk. And if you so much as want to know what the main product even being sold is, you have to click "click here to keep reading". Why do I have to click? I came to the site already. This is really annoying on my commute in as I'm checking on a moving wifi on my tablet.

The main pages (woot.com, tech.woot etc) are starting to look like a neglected K-Mart of Biglots store, with interception just everywhere, and nothing really helpful laying around.

PLEASE go back towards a more clean design where we don't have to go through a second click to read about the product!

wooting feels a bit like this:

combined with this:

Or maybe you really enjoy the layout of the Fulton Mall?

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