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Mr. Beams Lights

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I have quite a few of these Mr. Beams lights and I'm ordering more. Though you can screw them in or use stickers to attach them, I just put them on the floor or a window or shelf in the area I want lit up.

They light the way to the bathroom without being bright enough to wake up other people; they provide enough light in the bathroom for a visit, but not so much as to wake you up in the middle of the night.

I wouldn't say this particular unit is right for a closet. It's not quite bright enough for that use and it doesn't cast a broad enough beam. But it's perfect for path lighting and late-night bathroom visits.

We also use them in the room where we watch TV/movies via projector. If you have to get up and leave the room, these illuminate the way without interfering other people's viewing.

What distinguishes the Mr. Beams from a lot of other motion-sensing lights I've used is their sensitivity. They detect motion from a good distance away and from the side or front. They stay lit for 20 seconds after they stop detecting motion, and I've found that a good length of time.

Battery life is good.


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I have four of the cabinet lights and will probably pick up a couple more. We use them in, well, cabinets. Particularly low or extra deep ones. Batteries seem to last a fairly long time if you set the "on" time to the shortest amount of time.

I haven't tried them in a closet yet, but am going to give it a try so my wife doesn't need to turn on the lights early in the morning to see in her clothes closet.


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The MB980 is $21.60 on Amazon who also have a deal on two. Not much saving here vs Amazon prime.


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Good reviews on the 722 on Amazon


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Cheaper to order two Mr. Beams MB330 Wireless LED Spotlight from Amazon...and that's how many I need. Not that it really matters, because they get my money either way...but still, kinda Dallas Cowboys pricing again WOOT


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I own several variations of these lights. 2 I use on a dark staircase and 3 others I use to light closets. They work wonderfully and if you use decent batteries you will get several months use at about 5 activations per day. I've had about 4 times now where the LED sticks on for some unknown reason and it drains the batteries. Once replaced, it goes back to normal operation.


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? I have a curio cabinet that needs light on the lower half (separated by glass) on the cabinet.

I'm assuming these stick- but I need something I think that actually has a on/off button as well- Do any of these have manual operation as well as motion?

If you walked past the curio which is enclosed, I doubt the sensor would work and not sure I want it to, would it you think?

Any suggestions?