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How you feel about today's video for our Heavy Petting pet week at Sellout.Woot will depend on how you see cats and dogs. Are cats assertive individualists or heartless monsters? Are dogs gentle and tolerant, or dumb and wimpy? Whatever your feelings about dogs and cats, this collection of cats taking over dog beds will provoke them.

Watch Watch This First first, weekday mornings at 7 Central. Because the best way to start the day is to start it a few minutes later.


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I can't put my hands on the photo of Fluffer the cat stealing Maisy the dog's bed but maybe you have some photos? Post 'em!

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Got a kick out of this video. I have both dogs and cats and some of the scenes looked pretty familiar!


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That was so cute!
Yes, it happens here too.
Rusty is really confused when Scratchy is on the blanket that covers the part of the couch Rusty is allowed on.
Just stares at the cat, then looks at me, then the cat.

No greater love is lost than that not shared.


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Yup, that's the way it is with cats and dogs. I'm fostering a 110-lb Golden Retriever (big bruiser) and an 80-lb lab, and my 10-lb cat rules the roost around here. Sleeps wherever she wants.


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My cats sneak in and roll around on the dog's bed when the dog is outside. My dog is WAY too hyper and too big for my cats to push her around.