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Mestige Mandala Fresh Water Pearl Earring Set

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Item: Mestige Mandala Fresh Water Pearl Earring Set
Price: $8.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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8/28/2013 - $8.99 - 10 comment(s)

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The extra shipping cost made me not buy these.

Woot is an Amazon company, why doesn't our Prime work here?

Where are my flamingos? I need my flamingos. Woot, bring out the birds!


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To be clear - this is a great price for TWO PAIR of pretty sparklies -- I kept looking for where to choose, and found out it wasn't a choice issue, there are two pairs of earrings in this set. Given that I could theoretically add other items into the cart here at Woot, and it's the one $5 charge for shipping all that's in there, it made the shipping spread out a little - thus Christmas items for brother made it in there too - Cool!