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Random Sports Equipment

Well, look at this: the Jeremy Lin basketball is no longer for sale. We don't know what to say. With each of these basketball-loaded plus sales, we'd come to expect the NY Knicks Jeremy Lin ball to be there. Now, it is not. We're sad to see it go. Oh well! At least the New Jersey Nets and New Orleans Hornets balls are still here!


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I picked up one of the Rawlings Sandlot gloves lat year and I like it quite a bit. A touch on the small side, definitely an infielder glove, but that didn't stop me from using it in softball last summer. Much better and easier to work with than the cheaper fake leather softball glove I was using.


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beware...this is not a 1st baseman's glove...nice glove but not 1st base...


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Woot!, you have misled me. I saw Random Sports Equipment and read "Random Sports" Equipment. I was expecting an official Calvinball(TM). For shame, Woot!. For shame.


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WHOH!!!! There's a WOMEN'S basketball?? How do they dunk?



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THAT IS NOT A FIRST BASEMAN'S MITT!!!! I ordered it once and told you, "Hey guys, it's not a first baseman's mitt."

You said, "Oh, we'll send you another one." Then it came and it STILL wasn't a first baseman's mitt."

You said, "Oh, you don't have to pay for it then."

How'z about after selling it numerous times under the wrong description, you CHANGE it?!? Crazy, huh?

A first baseman's mitt doesn't have all those fingers. Think about when you bake in the kitchen. The oven MITT doesn't have all those fingers.

But when you go and try to get your client acquitted and the thing you put on your hand that doesn't fit has 5 fingers, that's a GLOVE. If it's not a mitt, you must fix it!

Advertising the wrong product is very un-Woot. Please fix it.

To everyone else...it's a good glove for 12 and under.