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I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my wife and we're very happy with the results. We use it to stream Pandora or Amazon music in the shower. We've blasted it and have experienced no crackling as others have mentioned. The sound is still perfect 15 feet away with no obstructions. Even at 30 feet it only skips a little with 2 walls in the way.

Since we're using it in the shower, we normally don't blast it. It's loud though and would easily work outdoors.

But buyers should consider the purpose of their purchase. If your going to use it on your covered patio, buy a larger speaker that's not waterproof for the same price. If you're going to use it in the shower, jetskis, canoeing, etc... then buy this.



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jillrq12 wrote:I have the exact same problem. It worked great for about a month, then has been stuck trying to pair, but won't link. Problem would be solved if it had an aux in port.

As for all the other problems, true, it does sound bad at high and low, but use it in midrange and it's fine. NO, it is not waterproof, just resistant. And YES, the range of signal is horrible, about 10 feet is the max you can have your phone away from the speaker, but that was good enough for me. Just wish mine worked.

I just chose "forget this device" on my iphone and then it reconnected like a champ.

Hopefully it will stay that way and hope it works for you!