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Happy Music Monday! The unexpected death of Lou Reed on Sunday morning was the kind of thing that Scott couldn't just ignore. Next week, you'll see the Music Monday he planned to run. This week? A very quick farewell to the grandfather of everything we consider to be modern rock.

Lou Reed - Dorita (The Spirit)


When Magic & Loss was released, I remember an interview with where someone suggested that this album would be the best epitaph Lou Reed could ever want. Lou snidely answered that when he died, everyone would play "Walk On The Wild Side" all day. In his honor, you're not going to find that radio hit in the Music Monday today. Instead, you'll find all the great stuff he did that the radio never played. Maybe you'll prefer it too. I sure do.

We'll all say our goodbyes after the jump.

Lou Reed & John Cale - Songs For Drella


About a month ago, I finally got around to picking up my vinyl copy of Songs For Drella. I still haven't even played it yet. But this was the record that really started me on Lou Reed, a beautiful bio-record of Andy Warhol and, really, the songwriter himself. I remember how it fit when I learned that Lou Reed was trying to bring the novel into rock. And I still to this day think of the 550 shoes in "Open House" when I have a lot of work to do before I go home from work.

The California E.A.R. Unit - Metal Machine Music


Everyone knows about Lou Reed's "unlistenable" guitar piece, but not everyone would think a classical orchestra would attempt it. There isn't much to add to a description of the piece, either you like it or you don't, but you can't deny it was daring. To the best of my knowledge, Lou Reed always maintained it wasn't just a big middle finger to his label, and I believe him. Put on headphones and really listen to the original and you might start to hear the melodies in the madness. It's the sort of beauty you might find listening to a traffic jam from within a city park.

Lou Reed - N.Y. Stars


Brian Eno's the one who pointed out that almost nobody bought the first Velvet Underground record in the first year, but everyone who did when on to start a band. Lou Reed's style and fashion influenced damn near everybody that's picked up a guitar since 1968, either directly or indirectly. Without Lou Reed, there might not have been a David Bowie, or a Sonic Youth, or a Jack White or a Nirvana. Like Bob Dylan and Morrissey, even the people who hate the voice kinda like the songs when they're covered.

The Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll


Lou Reed's last record, Lulu, was with Metallica, and was possibly the worst thing a human being has ever recorded on purpose. And yet, that only seems right. Even in his late sixties, Lou Reed was still doing whatever the Hell he wanted, no matter how many people held up their hands and screamed. And why? Because more than anything else he believed in rock & roll. Like some Gatsby-esque hero, he knew that if he kept his eyes on the prize, it was just gonna be all right. And it was. It really was. Rest in peace, Lou Reed. Hope Heaven's a lot like New York.

As always, stop by our Turntable.fm room for the regular Music Monday enjoyment. And let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia pages and are here under fair use.

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Lou Reed and many others sing "Perfect Day"

RIP Lou. One of the icons of Rock & Roll.


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Bless you Lou, I remember in Marine Corp listening to the Transformers and Rock & Roll Animal


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Not a huge fan, more a second generation influence on me, but dude was totally the real kind of cool. For about 20 years Rock & Roll was the last song of someone else's I'd learned to play. No real reason I did learn it, just had to be done. Some of you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, glad he got to do what he did. Don't think I'd compare him with Morrissey, though.

American Masters documentary on him - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjPuF-CYuic


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This is an interview, not a music link. In 1992, Neil Gaiman interviewed Lou Reed for Reflex magazine. Here it is.


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You know, I spent years trying to figure out how I felt about the Velvet Underground. Sometimes I liked them, sometimes I loved them, sometimes I found them criminally overrated and was weirdly resentful of them sort of ruining Pink Floyd's early chances in the US. I finally realized that it pretty much depended upon which album I had listened to most recently. The only one I really, really love is The Velvet Underground & Lou Reed-Live 1969. Because I don't like Nico and don't care particularly for John Cale (both mild blasphemy, I know). It's Lou Reed who was the pure heart of the band.

Here is the second record of the double album, because 10+ minutes of Ocean is just about the best thing ever:

And here's the first record, just because (also a great version of New Age somewhere in there):

And here's Satellite of Love, just because depending upon where I am in my menstrual cycle it makes me weep uncontrollably:


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Yesterday was a day I have been dreading for years. I had the chance to see lou Reed live in 2004, but I was so exhausted and he was the last performer at All Tomorrow's Parties [I know, what an zombie right?] and had a 2 hour drive home...I just had to skip him. Then I had the other chance to see him a year ago, but I was out of town when he came to LA.

Yesterday I got in the car and they were playing this song
Velvet Underground - Sunday morning
After that they came on and announced the news about Lou Reed's passing. I actually had to pull over and just let that sink in.
Lou Reed was truly an inspiration who is directly responsible for creating sub-genres that inspired sub-genres that inspired sub-genres....he was truly an inspiration to many and a rock and roll legend in his own right. I don't know what else to say, I'm getting bummed out just thinking about it.

Here's one more for the mix assuming it wasn't already added in the 2 hours I went away and came back to this comment


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I would not have survived 4 years of college if I hadn't had my Lou Reed albums.
RIP, you were the best.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.


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Hey, quality posts! Such is the power of Lou Reed, even from beyond the grave.