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So I work in a library as a page (think worker bee) and about 6 months ago, the library Powers The Be decided that we needed to look 'more professional'.

After 5 years of working there, they finally cracked down on our dress code and banned graphic tees and any shirts with words. I still get to wear jeans, so I'm not going to complain. But that also means I can't buy and wear the wonderful shirts on Woot.

So, my solution to this dilemma: phone cases. I'd love to have some of the gorgeous designs on a phone case.

So does anyone know if any of the artists offer their designs on phone cases? And I do mean the artists themselves, or at least someone who has full permission from an artist...



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We have actually offered these for iPhone & iPads before.

Click here.

Check back, we may offer them again. There's a link in my signature to a list of All Plus Sales. It's updated daily by around 9:30am CT.

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