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I can't be the only one that finds it irritating that shipments get split up into multiple packages but we don't receive multiple numbers. I'm still waiting on a package that is apparently 1 of 3 that 2 of which were delivered the Friday before last for which I requested another tracking number and was told "Just wait a few more days." And another package where I suddenly out of nowhere received a expensive piece of electronics with no warning and when the final piece was posted this week the tracking number was for the already delivered piece of merchandise and not the separate item that's coming later. What if part of that order was lost (the expensive part) and suddenly I was told it was supposed to be delivered a week ago? No amount of calling the post office would get that package back.

Seriously, I love Woot but for Pete's sake can you please provide unique tracking numbers for separate packages? It's seriously terrible not having any idea when things will actually arrive or if they were maybe delivered to a wrong address or being held at a post office.


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Yes, this is definitely something we want to work on. The late tracking is sometimes due to files sent late from the vendor and/or ridiculously fast shipping (it does happen).

But it is on our list of things to improve. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. I've passed it on as well.

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