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tomonline976 wrote:It baffles you? Why should it? You got one for checking the facebook page. It sad that woot wont put Bags of Christmas on their main page and have all that check it have a chance. I don't even bother anymore. I used to buy more but because of past experiences with off site bags, I don't bother. In my case I used to stay up till one in the morning here on the east coast checking woot at 1am here. No more, not needed since the bags have worn out their welcome.

They gave a solid day's notice that the link would be posted there. I happened to read it and was lucky to know check their page. Totally happenstance.

I just find the anger and entitlement that inevitably gets posted following the bags to be a bit much. I miss the old days too, but I recognize that since Amazon acquired Woot, they probably aren't crazy about the idea of a single item bringing the whole site to a halt.

I'm happy that they can still offer the bags at all, which apparently means changing they way the game works. Better that than getting rid of them. And for what it's worth, I don't think anyone even needs accounts to see their facebook and twitter posts.


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whatsamattaU wrote:Sorry, I thought only HE had those memories. I can take it out of the message if you wish--I thought you'd be getting nightmares from all the complaining, not Mandy. There are plenty of things that scare me in this life, but for whatever reason, I find Mandy funny. I'll pray for forgiveness in the morning, being Christmas and all, otherwise. I'll take one more peek before I close the computer. Take care.

addendum: okay, when I think about it, I guess Mandy does have more of a scary influence than I thought, when I think back. Sorry, Rogetray, you can take the image out of my message before I traumatize more people.

Anyway, to lighten things, I don't have these batteries, but I've bought batteries twice from woot before (Panasonic and Duracell lithium). Haven't tried the lithium, but the Panasonic ones have been fine so far.

2nd, a story about scare faces. One Halloween supposedly, Ronald Reagan is on Air Force One, and a reporter comes up to him in a scary Halloween mask and gives RR a good scare. Paraphrased, he said "Wow! That was scary. For a minute, I thought you were Sam Donaldson!"

Finally, I think one of the best renditions of a Christmas carol by a singer for whom English is a second language:


Hahahahah *snicker*

No deletion of Mandy. She belongs here..and also maybe in some window display at an insane asylum.

Thanks for sharing. Hope you and everyone else had a wonderful Christmas Day!

- The "Roge"


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6th Day of Crapmas! Brigadier of Carolling UNBOXING VID w/ HOT BABE! Watch It!!!


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messyt wrote:6th Day of Crapmas! Brigadier of Carolling UNBOXING VID w/ HOT BABE! Watch It!!!

Hot babe says, "Spoon!"


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Curious if those complaining about the Bag showing up on Facebook acknowledged the previous post that required 10 images of Mortimer in a "hot tub" linked on Facebook by apparently Facebook users for a Christmas Carp to appear.