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The Cuisinart Kitchen

You don't have time to do everything by hand. And besides, your hands would never cleanly slice a green pepper, no matter how many karate classes you take. Step up to some Cuisinart products. They'll make the cut every time.


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$29.95 at Amazon including shipping!


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What I'm seeing on amazon is the 3 cup is 24.99 in white. Chrome is 34.95.


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Every video and product page I see that shows the processor pictured says its 3 cup or 3.5 cup


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29.95 at Fryes.com with free shipping!


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I bought the refurb chopper a few sales ago. First use was great and then it would randomly not work or stop working after a few pulses. There was no rhyme or reason to it and it was SO infuriating bc there I would have to stop, dump out my partially or not at all processed food, reassemble and hope it would work... then repeat almost every chop. I got so angry the last 2 times I almost squirted out tears which is so ridiculous to me I just said screw it and gave it to some friends - a young couple w chef husband who can't afford a full size cuis yet... and told them all the issues. Caveat Emptor!!


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I got the cast iron chicken fryer and the 5.5 qt dutch oven; both are good. The only downsides are the chicken fryer got a chip quickly, and the colored enamel doesn't get alone with barkeeper's friend--so they stain and there's not much you can do other than a lot of elbow grease.

That said, they're both solid, cook well, etc.


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I bought the seven quart Dutch oven a few years ago. It's been great. I use it mostly for braising. I've used it at least thirty times and it hasn't chipped yet.


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I bought the 7 quart cast iron casserole a couple of years ago. I love using it...especially for a slow braise. Cleans up nicely too. Now I need to buy the 5.5 qt. as well.