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!yadnoM cisuM yppaH or, in forward terms, Happy Music Monday! Today Scott's turning things around and taking a good, hard look at the most scaaaaary of musical options… the dreaded backmasking. In the wrong hands, it's an annoying little game, but in the right hands, it can be kinda neat. For example...

Steve Vai - Whookham


It says something about the talent of Steve Vai that he put together an almost Queen-like song simply by reversing one of his pieces. Of course, playing it normally gives you a rather boring little prayer, which could be why nobody ever condemns this one publicly.

It's catchy, but there's more to come, including Scott's favorite backmasked song. !pumj eht retfa ouy eeS

"Weird" Al Yankovic - I Remember Larry


For all the teasing Al gets, he's long since proven himself as a showman and true musician, a master of nearly every style. So it's no wonder he decide to hide his own version of backmasking in this rarely-played track. Listen to it forward and be underwhelmed and insulted.

Prince - Darling Nikki NSFW in 1983


Obviously you're not gonna find a Prince song online, so I had to use this lovely Princess cover. Thankfully they're kind enough actually cover the famous backmasked part as well (jump to about 3:10 or so) so you get the whole experience! When the original song is flipped you can hear a very polite Prince sing you a little gospel song. Such a polite young man!

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever


This one arguably started it all, when a flippant "cranberry sauce" turned into the clues that unlocked the whole "I buried Paul" controversy for the world. Interestingly enough, play the song backwards and it's still quite pretty, which might have something to do with a couple instrument tracks being reversed on the final forward version. Complex, right? Hey, it was a crazy time.

David Bowie - Move On


"Move On" is a lovely piece of Eno-tinted experimentation from Bowie's famous Berlin Trilogy. It's also a great example of how Bowie's not scared to cannibalize himself in the name of his art. Take a gander at the unreversed version and note how it is, in fact, a backmasked version of an old Mott the Hoople song that Bowie wrote early in his career. This right here is my favorite backmasking. Now, what's yours?

Let us just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use. Now give us some of your favorite reversals of fortune! And see you next week.


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I'm still travelling so still on a tablet, and this song won't play on a tablet, apparently, and I know I've used it before (direction was the topic, I believe), but:

Brian Eno, Driving Me Backwards!


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(updated to add videos that have only the suspect clip - not the entire songs)

I have memories of my brother going through all of his Beatle albums looking and listening for the clues. Most prominent backmasking clues that I recall are:

From Revolution #9: The spoken "Number nine, number nine" etc. becomes,"Turn me on, dead man. Turn me on, dead man", etc. when played backwards. (If you happen to open the YouTube link to the page and see the statement about Alan Parsons, don't put much faith in it, as I don't think Parsons was involved with the White Album.)

From I'm So Tired: Some gibberish towards the end becomes "Paul is dead, man. Miss him. Miss him. Miss him", when played backwards.

Updated to add the videos and fix the quotes. Believe it if you want. There are still people who think that Paul McCartney died in 1966.


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Man Man - Pyramids

I a little disappointed when I loaded the ending of this track into audacity and reversed it. Honus Honus is just saying "I know just what you are" (something he says over a couple dozen times in times in the song) I was able to appreciate the humor though.

Still one of my favorite songs off the album, it's impossible to hear this song and not walk with a little more swagger.

Pick any track off of modest mouse's EP The Fruit that ate itself. I think there was only one that didn't have anything reversed on it.


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They Might Be Giants sometimes have "fake" backwards singing in their songs, which is them singing in a strange staccato that mimics what reversed speech sounds like. The track "Which Describes How You're Feeling" has a segment that is affectedly made to sound as if they recorded themselves singing the title backwards, and played it forwards for the song.

However, in the demo version of the song, that segment is an actual backwards message. When reversed, it says "They Might Be Giants wanted to include a verse about the suffering people of the world, but we couldn't figure out where to put it into the song."


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There is always Mindless Self Indulgences song Backmask
Which gives you some truly terrifying instructions if played backwards.


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Probably my favorite is from the golden age of backmasking (the age in which it wasn't actually happening): Another One Bites The Dust - It's Fun To Smoke Marijuana - YouTube

That would've been such a Enterprisein' song.


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What about Napoleon the 14th and "They're coming to take me away." Oddly enough, I can still recite most of the lyrics - frontwards. This came out on a 45 (yes, I'm that old) which had the entire song in reverse on the B-side. As you'll see, most of the label was printed as a mirror image.


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strawhousepig wrote:Probably my favorite is from the golden age of backmasking (the age in which it wasn't actually happening): Another One Bites The Dust - It's Fun To Smoke Marijuana - YouTube

That would've been such a Enterprisein' song.

Hahaha "WHAT THE HELL????"