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Skagen Watches

FACT: if you don't know what time it is, you can't make the party. FACT: if you don't go to the party, you won't have any fun. EXTRAPOLATED THEORY: Without a Skagen watch, you won't have any fun. There you go. We've proven it with irrefutable logic.


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Check out the Skagen website at http://skagen.com.
I own two in stainless steel and imho, they are great watches, especially for the price. I have found mine to be accurate and keep their good looks even with regular wear. I guess the Danish believe they should last.


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Only one of the watches listed here are made in Denmark (SKAGEN-596XLTRXM M Blk Dial Silver Tone Titanium). A couple are from Japan and the rest are from China.


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Watch out for the product numbers.


That middle "XXL" is extra extra large. I purchased one of these before and while a great watch and I love Skagen, they can look ridiculously large on your wrist.

College student with not enough free time.


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I bought a leather band Skaken from woot a few months ago. The crystal broke with ZERO abuse, within a day. Not covered by warranty. Had it replaced for $35.00. Broke immediatly, again, zero abuse.I've owned a few watches. Googled it, a common problem. I understand some people are pleased, but be forewarned. Hugely annoyed me. Out the cost of the watch, and the replacement.

Pete Dw


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I spoke to a watch guy once when I had my battery changed and he said his fellow colleagues were hesitant to change a battery because the crystal is so thin and they break. However I own 3 Skagens, and haven't had a problem with them. They're good looking, inexpensive, and so light and unobtrusive you forget they're on your wrist.


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I purchased the SKAGEN-H02LSXB1 back in 2012 and it is still going strong! I actually crushed my radius while wearing the watch and it held up wonderfully. Actually I kind of wish it broke instead of my wrist/arm ... but that is some value yeah?


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Did some research on this because I like it. The watch band is like a stretchable bracelet, and it does NOT have a clasp. The XS in the product evidently means it's EXTRA SMALL - the description on other websites says it stretches up to 6". Good for small wrists, but not adjustable (except for the stretch).



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Skagen - sounds like a tobacco company.


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The only watch I own is a skagen with a metal mesh band and it draws a lot of attention for its uniqueness, looks nice, is adjustable, has a good sized face but really thin, and was only $70 on Amazon. I recommend checking out their options there before buying one of these.


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+1 I love my skagen watches, but to be fair i've upgraded to a movado. these are great for young professionals


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I've got an older Skagen, with the stainless mesh band, all in titanium color with blue dial.

It's a really cool watch, very thin, but very sharp looking. I paid a LOT more for it back in the day.

Any of these, at these prices, would be a GREAT bargain, but these are not bargain/cheap watches, they are nicely built and have nothing cheap about them.

I wear mine mostly on a jeans and tshirt type of day, its casual, but you can easily wear it with dress clothes (depending which one you get).


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I own a few Skagen watches, which is more than enough. I'm moved away from that brand because of a change in the quality and service since they were acquired by Fossil. Good luck trying to get a replacement band for any Skagen watch now.

Some have commented on the crystal. There is another company that is JUST like Skagen called Bering. Search for them and you'll think you're looking at Skagens. The crystal on Bering watches is sapphire, so more durable. They also have a better warranty.

So Skagen, good, Bering better. If you like the design of these watches and you don't mind having a consumer-grade timepiece, go for it. My watches have held up very well over the years I've had them.