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There's all sorts of cool stuff you can read on your Kindle or Kindle Fire. Personally, I prefer to read funny stuff. Here are a few funny books that I love that you might never have heard of:

  • The Great Frustration by Seth Fried: a hilarious (but often violent) collection of very odd stories.
  • The Scheme For Full Employment by Magnus Mills - an unnamed country that resembles England boasts a 100% employment rate.
  • What I Would Say To The Martians by Jack Handy: the guy who does "Deep Thoughts" shares a collection of "essays" covering everything from nature to outer space.
  • Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason by Mike Sacks: a collection of monologues, vignettes, and stories endorsed by David Sedaris? Can't go wrong.
  • AM/PM by Amelia Gray: teeny, tiny stories that are odd, unsettling, but also often very, very funny.

Those are my picks. Do you know of any hilarious gems hiding out on the Kindle Store? Share them in the comments! 


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Crafting With Cat Hair, you're welcome.