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...or lack there of.
where art thou bag?


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Indeed. Not even a crappy game to lead to the crapgasmic bag this time?

jaymaj wrote:...or lack there of.
where art thou bag?


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They were available Monday via Shirt.Woot

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Warning: Too much awesome to be contained in such a small space


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lichme wrote:They were available Monday via Shirt.Woot

*Sniffle* *Sniffle* I didn't know I kept checking woot main page every hour or so during the whole woot off... Missed the Bungled Original Communicator this time around


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If it makes you feel better, I knew aobut the B O C 's on shirt.woot and tried numerous times to get one, to no avail. You had to type in a url that showed up with each new product. I was either not fast enough, or I misread/mistyped the url, or I had a denied Bungled Original Communicator in my cart that prevented me from getting a new one, or it made me log back in even though I was already logged in. Now I have 2 Bungled Original Communicator#39;s in my "stuff you bought" list with the status of "denied" that will mock me until I buy enough more stuff to force them down to page 2.

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