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Muscle Building Supplement Bundles

You want muscles. But you also want a chocolate cake batter milkshake. Maybe this is for you!


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I've gotten much better deals on this from Amazon. Last time I paid $36 for 5 lbs.


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That NO xplode is TINY 10 servings is like a big sample...

B a g of crap: 17 & still waiting for that letter!!!



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Dman27 wrote:That NO xplode is TINY 10 servings is like a big sample...

Yep, that's why on the picture it says "Trial Size". This is like getting regular size protein at normal price with a free sample, but after shipping, it's like paying for the sample.


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Syntha-6 is my favorite protein powder (chocolate cake batter mixed with cookies-n-cream) but this price is less than inspiring. Better deals on bb.com with the 10% coupon codes you can find all over the place.

C'mon woot - time to start wrangling some real deals from the mothership - there's almost no reason to check the "deals" here anymore...

You've been put on posting probation for this REALLY REALLY OLD post


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Uh... where' the deal here? $37 shipped for 2.91 lbs of syntha 6 is not worth it. Many Syntha 6 varieties are on Amazon for ~32 shipped (give or take a dollar, with prime).

This goes on sale often enough on other retailers' websites. Feel free to pass on this. You won't regret it...